Swiss newspaper reveals: In the 1980s, the Mossad tried to harm the Pakistani nuclear program

According to the publication, operations attributed to the institution carried out in the 1980s tried to thwart support for the Pakistani program – for fear that Pakistan would help Iran develop a nuclear program.

As part of Israel’s war against the Iranian nuclear program, the Israeli Mossad launched a series of attacks on companies that aided Pakistan’s nuclear effort many years ago, fearing that this country would aid Iran’s nuclear program.

The Swiss newspaper recently reported that archives in Bern and Washington had revealed documents that had hitherto been confidential about the Mossad’s operations in Germany and Switzerland related to Iran.

The first potential victim was Edward German, director of CORA ENGINEERING. The engineer’s home was blown up in the city of Bern on February 20, 1981 but the man survived. CORA had previously provided Pakistan with equipment related to the processing of materials needed for the nuclear industry.

The second target was the office of the engineering company WALISCHMILLER EBGINEERING in the German city of Mercadorf, where a bomb was planted on May 18, 1981. The third attack was aimed at Heinz Bas, a German engineer who helped Pakistan build the first uranium treatment facility. An explosive shell exploded in his home, but the victim was a dog killed.

Engineer Heinz Bassus attended a meeting with Abdul Qadir Khan, one of the fathers of Pakistan’s nuclear program, and this meeting was also attended by Massoud Narji, who was then head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency.

The German and Swiss police were unable to track down the perpetrators, who belonged to organizations such as the South Asian Armed Forces Distribution Team and the Subcontinent Defense League. No signs of the existence of these organizations were found.

Some interviewees told the Swiss newspaper that in those days they received threatening phone calls from someone who introduced himself as an “uncle” from the Israeli embassy in Bonn (West Germany at the time), who warned them to stop providing aid to these “nuclear weapons businesses” and advised them to “switch to textiles.”

The Swiss newspaper writes that these operations of the Mossad actually failed because the companies attacked got new contracts with the Pakistani government.

Editor’s note: The details are not new and were previously published in a book under the name Deception: Pakistan, the United States and the Secret Trade in Nuclear Weapons published in 2007

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