Rises in European stock markets strengthen, NASDAQ contracts jump 1.7%

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Rises in European markets are strengthening, and major stock indices are climbing at 1.3% -1.5%, whilePotsey Advanced at a relatively moderate rate of 0.7% while the stock exchange in Vienna jumped by 2.7%. In the futures arena as well, the positive trend is strong, with contracts on NASDAQ soaring by 1.7% and on the S & P500 by 1.3%.

Twitter Notices a drop of more than 3% in early trading on Wall Street, after Elon Musk tweeted that the deal could not be executed if the social network did not match the figure that only 5% of its active users are fake.

In Asia, trade closed in a positive trend. The Heng Seng Index jumped 3.1%, led by Chinese technology giants, including Maitouan, Alibaba, Shiomi, JDC and Tencent, inShanghai The stock index rose 0.6% and Shenzhen rose 1.2%.


Trading on European stock markets opened up. The DAX is up 0.8%, the CAC is up 0.6% and the British Potsy is up just 0.2% despite good unemployment figures released this morning.

Deutsche Bank Prominent in Frankfurt with a 2% increase, and BMW, Delivery Hiro, Siemens and Volkswagen are also strengthening. In London, there are increases in the shares of the aviation giant IAG Just It Takeaway and Imperial Brands, while Vodafone, Unilever And Polimetall lose height. In France stock Angie Jumps more than 6% and Renault climbs above 3%, and vice versa L’Oreal And Danone weaken.

BHong Kong The increase is strengthening to more than 3%, thanks in part to strong increases by the electric vehicle manufacturer Gili and by technology companies such as Alibaba, JDCom, Maitwan, Shiomi and Tencent.


3D printing company Stratiss Published quarterly reports and its stock rose in late trading yesterday. The Israeli company showed a 21.8% growth in revenue compared to the corresponding quarter, to a level of $ 163 million – higher than analysts’ forecasts. According to GAAP accounting rules, the loss rose 10.8% to $ 20.9 million, but on a non-GAAP basis, excluding various accounting items, Stratiss moved to a net profit of $ 1.2 million which is 2 cents per share, while the market expected it to lose. EBITDA increased to $ 8.1 million.

Stratsys expects revenue of $ 685-695 million this year with non-GAAP net income of $ 10-13 million, and EBITDA of $ 38-41 million.

Intercure The Dual reported quarterly record revenues of NIS 87 million, almost three times the revenues of the first quarter of 2021. Net profit before tax amounted to NIS 19 million, an increase of 245% compared to the corresponding quarter.


In the UK, a number of employment data were released this morning, showing that the average hourly wage (including bonuses) jumped by 7% in March, with forecasts for a 5.4% rise. The number of job seekers was surprisingly good and fell by 56.9 thousand men and women, with the expectation of a decrease of 42 thousand. The unemployment rate fell by a tenth of a percent to 3.7%.

In France, the unemployment rate in the first quarter also fell by a tenth of a percent to 7.3%.

The Nikkei index in Tokyo closed up 0.4%. Notable increases were recorded by oil giant Infax, shipping company Kawasaki and automaker Mazda. In contrast, the share of Japanese brewer Ashai Breweries has plunged more than 11% and the car company Nissan has also lost ground.


Asian stock markets are trading in a positive trend today, led by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange where the leading stock index is up 2.2% while the Nikkei index in Tokyo is up slightly.

Tencent shares are up 3.3% and Alibaba is up more than 5%.

Trading in futures contracts on US stock indices is up 0.3% -0.6%. The yield on 10-year US government bonds rises to about 2.92%.

This is after last night trading on Wall Street ended in a mixed trend. The decline of the Nasdaq deepened towards the close and it recorded a decrease of 1.2%, the S&P 500 dropped 0.4% and the Dow Jones deleted almost all of the increase it recorded, which reached about 1%, and ended with a rise of only 0.1%.

Trading in oil contracts is down slightly and Bitcoin is trading at around $ 30,400. Gold records a slight increase.

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