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The Post of Serbia announced today that it has introduced a modern and practical solution for automated delivery of parcels – parcel machines or smart parcel boxes, which has continued to increase the availability and security of delivery of parcels.

The use of parcels of the Post of Serbia has started at 20 busy and easily accessible locations in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kraljevo, Novi Pazar and Pancevo, it is stated in the announcement.

Another 400 postal parcels will soon be installed in all major cities throughout Serbia, where the largest number of parcels is delivered and where recipients of shipments are often not available at the address during most of the day.

As it was pointed out, parcel machines are a fast, easy and smart option for delivery of shipments, with numerous advantages for users.

It is added that they enable practical shopping on the Internet, because by addressing the parcel machine, users can be sure that the packages will be waiting for them in the selected parcel machine.

It also saves time, because users can direct packages to the nearest parcel machines and pick them up at a time that suits them best, with the ability to download packages 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Postal parcel machines are clearly and recognizably marked, have a modern design and maximally used space for shipments, while instructions for use are displayed on each parcel machine.

This service of the Post of Serbia is available to registered and unregistered users, with and without a mobile application, with the use of all mobile phones, smart and classic.

The data needed to download the package is sent to the mobile phone, and the download of the package by the user works on a simple principle – the recipient receives a message that a package is waiting for him in the parcel, goes to the parcel and unlocks it via app or call and picks up the shipment.

Information on the service, manner of use and locations of parcel machines is available on the website of the Post of Serbia, at the link

In order to meet the needs of users, there is an option on the same link and we invite them to suggest locations for the installation of new package machines.

The Post of Serbia has also prepared surprise gifts for the first users, which will be waiting for them in parcels with parcels.

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