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The rises in European stock markets continue, although they are more moderate and amount to up to 0.4% (to the French CAC index). Stock Air Berlin Falls more than 30% on the German stock exchange.

U.S. oil continues to climb and the price per barrel now stands at $ 71.5. Dr. Gil Michael Befman, Leumi’s chief economist, commented on the issue and said that “demand for fuel for cars in the US continued to rise and it crossed the nine million barrel threshold per day. Demand for jet fuel also rose to about 1.5 million barrels per day. There are clear signs In this context, the number of flights in the US has continued to rise, reaching more than 2 million people per day recently, the highest level since the outbreak of the Corona crisis, and only about half a million people per day less than the level before the outbreak. – At the global level, too, the increase in the number of flights is expected to continue. “


Trading on the European stock exchanges started this morning on the positive side, with gains of up to 0.7% in the Potsy, Kak and Dax indices. Siemens Energy climbs 1.1% in Germany, Adidas and Deutsche Bank up 0.2%. In London, Rolls.Royce loses 1.1%.


Positive closing on the Japan Stock Exchange, with the Nikkei up 0.7%. In Japan, the share of Nintendo, which fell 3%, Toyota, which rose 0.4%, and Sony, which lost 0.3%, stood out.

The Kospi index is trading up slightly 0.1%, the Nifty is down 0.5%.

Bitcoin continues to trade at the level of $ 39,000. Sagi Bakshi, CEO of the fintech company Coinmama, commented on Elon Musk’s tweet that boosted the value of the currency, saying: We are talking about a new currency, an alternative economy. This is a new phenomenon for humanity. Bitcoin will continue to swell and as of today it is estimated that only 2.5% of the world population holds a minimum amount in Bitcoin (given the fact that currency fragments can be bought), we are still at an early stage and it seems that. History will not remember a series of CEO tweets, strong and popular as it may be. In the end, we are talking about a new currency that is an alternative economy. “


The China and Hong Kong stock exchanges are closed today on the occasion of the Dragon Boat Holiday, and there is no trading in Australia following the Queen’s birthday. The Japanese Nikkei is up 0.6%, pending the release of April’s manufacturing data. Nintendo Loses 2.8%, Softbank, Toyota And Fujifilm with slight increases.

Trading on Wall Street futures is up slightly. The yield on 10.year US bonds stands at 1.46%.

Gold continues to lose height and is trading at $ 1,864 an ounce. US oil is rising to $ 71.2 a barrel.

GodBitcoin Earned a significant price increase tonight and returned to the level of $ 39,000 per unit. Again, a tweet from Elon Musk Is responsible for the interests of investors. Musk tweeted that Tesla will once again accept Bitcoin as payment as soon as it is proven that it is possible to mine the currency through substantial use of green energy (at least 50%).

The rest of the currencies are traded without sharp changes.

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