The City of Belgrade and the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM), with the support of the EU Delegation to Serbia and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), are announcing today a photo contest for the best photo on “Sustainable Mobility for Healthier Living”. Belgrade on the occasion of the European Mobility Week.
The goal of the public call is to raise awareness of the citizens of Belgrade about the importance and benefits of using non.motorized modes of transport in order to improve air quality and the environment in the city, all in accordance with the goals of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Belgrade.

The competition will be organized on the official page of the city of Belgrade on the social network Instagram, and participation in the competition is possible by posting a photo on the personal Instagram profile of the participant, marking the “tagging” of the Instagram profile of the city of Belgrade (@grad_beograd) and marking the photo with #mobilnostzazdravlje.

The photos must be taken on the territory of the city of Belgrade, and their content should be in line with the theme of the European Mobility Week “Sustainable mobility for a healthier life”.

The winners of the competition are obliged to submit the original photo in electronic form, with a minimum resolution of 3456 × 2304 pixels, at the request of the organizers, it is stated in the announcement of the SCTM.

The period for posting photos on Instagram is from September 3 to 12, 2021, at 24.00.

The decision on the selection of the winner of the competition will be made by the Commission for conducting the public competition, which will consist of representatives of the City of Belgrade, the Delegation of the European Union, UNDP and SCTM.

The first prize, a voucher for the purchase of an electric scooter worth 60,000 dinars, is provided by the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia, and the second and third, a voucher for the purchase of a bicycle worth 40,000 dinars, and a voucher for the purchase of roller skates worth 20,000 dinars.

After the end of the competition, in the period from September 16 to 22, an exhibition of the best photographs will be organized, when the winners will be awarded.

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