Italy wants quick decisions on oil sanctions and supports Ukraine’s EU membership

The Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi urges the EU to move forward with sanctions on Russian crude oil and to take swift decisions on the sixth package of sanctions.

According to the Italian Prime Minister’s Office, Draghi discussed the matter with the President of Ukraine on Saturday night. Volodomyr Zelenskyin with.

At the same time, Draghi told Zelensky that Italy supports Ukraine’s EU membership.

However, the sixth package of sanctions is not expected to move forward in the EU, at least until the extraordinary summit at the end of May. The package includes a ban on imports of Russian crude oil, which Hungary opposes.

In addition, the President of the Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik on Friday announced its opposition to the entire sixth sanctions package and sanctions against Russia in general.

“I believe that Bosnia must remain neutral. That is why it is difficult for us to accept any sanctions, ”he said at a joint statement to the President of the European Council. Charles Michelin according to Reuters on Friday.

Italy’s Draghi has taken a much tougher line than many other EU countries on sanctions. The country is involved in G7 sanctions and is also planning joint action with the United States.

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