Investors who have experienced these properties are now looking for profits – “120 per cent rise this year”

The current market can make investors frantically wonder what exactly to buy. Private investor and entrepreneur Jarmo Frimanin According to the investor, it would be worthwhile to monitor and look at stocks that rise precisely in the midst of inflation.

“They are. Scorpio Tankers has risen 120 percent this year. Why don’t people buy such shares? ” Friman throws. Scorpio Tankers is a tanker transport company that supplies refined petroleum products.

At the same time, Friman points out that nothing is worth buying without proper research. He himself believes in and invests especially in raw materials.

Experienced investors Jarmo Friman, Karo Hämäläinen and Merja Mähkä talk in the Market Council about where to invest right now. Karo Hämäläinen says that he last bought it Nordeaa .

“Value companies rather than growth, and on the other hand when interest rates rise – and if the ECB intends to stick to its inflation target – banks could make money as old-fashioned as net interest income,” he explains.

Merja Mähkä’s tip is a temporal diversification into the index fund, which she is currently doing herself. Most recently, Mähkä has made a fund investment in the pharmaceutical industry.

“I also bought a long one Fondiaa (a law firm), although it has become clear that copper should have been bought, ”says Mähkä, referring to Friman, which invests in raw materials.

Uranium, copper and liquefied natural gas

Friman, which trades mainly outside Finland, says that it has made several trades in this week’s volatile market. The cart ended up in the uranium market Global Atomicia and a copper company Sierra Metalsia . The same companies Friman also cites as current investment tips.

“Sierra Metals is the cheapest end of the copper scene. The price per cash flow ratio is very affordable, and if you take your own risks, it will triple, ”Friman thinks.

The construction of floating liquefied natural gas terminals will be a safe haven for him Golar LNG -company. In general, it is difficult to find safe harbors in the current situation, Merja Mähkä and Karo Hämäläinen reflect.

“Inflation is perhaps the biggest battle. Companies with pricing power will be able to pass on rising costs to their own sales prices, but if the fear of inflation in the stock market begins and rising interest rates affect valuation, prices may fall even more, ”says Hämäläinen.

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