Thousands of employees are missing in gastronomy and tourism

The corona crisis has exacerbated the shortage of employees in gastronomy and tourism. “The shortage of workers will probably accompany the industry for a long time,” was the assessment of AMS boss Johannes Kopf at the request of APA. “Companies can only be advised to face these facts and work on concepts on how they can increase their attractiveness as an employer.”

According to the industry, up to 35,000 people are missing, according to the AMS and the latest April data, there are 15,555. According to this figure, the gap has almost doubled within three years since April 2018, when there was a labor shortage of 8,600 people. The number of employees in the industry remained almost the same at a good 185,000 and now a good 188,000 people. April unemployment in 2022 was significantly lower than in previous years.

“The reasons for the high demand for employees certainly include catch-up effects after two years with Covid restrictions, the still good economy and the fact that fewer people are entering the industry than before,” says Kopf. The AMS supports the catering and tourism industry: A so-called business tour is currently taking place, during which 7,500 companies are visited. Head also appeals to companies to proactively report to the AMS. “Together we should find a solution that helps.”

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