STOCK EXCHANGE: Monday was a busy day in Helsinki, Valmet is planning layoffs

The top of the most traded shares closed to the northeast. Nordea strengthened by 2.1%, Nokia 0.7 per cent and Shampoo 0.6 percent.

The strongest riseers were Administer (+12,3 %), Kempower (+ 10.8%) and Panostaja (+9,2 %)

There was a good bet too Merus Power (+3.7%), who reported delivering several dozen active filters to North America in the morning. The value of the delivery to the company is approximately EUR 0.4 million and, according to the company, it is part of a two-year framework agreement of more than EUR 1.6 million.

At the landing were in turn Lifa Air (-11,6 %), Fifax (-7.9%) and Netum (-4,7 %)

SkartaNyab (+ 0.9%) said that it had won a EUR 11 million contract for the construction of two pumping stations covering the economic area of ​​Tampere and several of its neighboring municipalities.

Engineering works Valmet (-0.7%) announced that they would start negotiations on redundancies. According to the company, the reason is the crisis in Ukraine and the intensified corona measures in China, which have reduced the order backlog at the Helsinki valve plant during the spring. There are about 340 people involved in the negotiations

IT company Enchantment (+ 0.0%) said that when the stock exchange opened, it would buy a company specializing in security technology and locks. Security Triangle Group. The debt-free price of the transaction is EUR 6.85 million.

Investment bank Stifel cut Nokian Tires (+ 4.5%) clearly the target price. The bank lowered its target price to EUR 10.00 from the previous EUR 30.50 and pressed its recommendation to the sell level from the hold level.

Analysis House Inderes (+ 1.6%) decreased Sammon target price of EUR 44.00 from the previous EUR 48.00 and reiterated its further recommendation. The change in the target price was related to the large dividend that came off Sampo last week.

The Helsinki Stock Exchange also announced changes to the OMX Helsinki Benchmark Index. The index will rise in early June Atria, SSAB and Bittiumwhich will give way to the index from the Forest Board.

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