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Red lock on Wall Street. The three major indices ended the day in negative territory, with the largest decline among them being in Nasdaq, which lost 0.6% in the lead in technology stocks.

Apple, which announced that it will hold its second announcement event next week, lost over 1%, Anvidia Decreased by 1.5% andAMD Shed 2.8%. Energy company Fuel Basket Energy was cut by 4.6% in higher.than.normal trading turnover after publishing its quarterly results.

Very sharp rises were recorded tonight at Ancient Holdings which jumped about 72% after it was reported that the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi would buy it for $ 1.9 billion, the satellite company Globalstar which jumped 28% andECU Medical Which has advanced 25%. Company Global Payment Rose more than 7%, Kraft Heinz Close to 4%.

Among Israeliness, Perrigo Finished a strong day during which she added more than 9% to her kit, and also My size Came up, after announcing the launch of a rewards program for those who choose to use its widget – designed to provide realistic body measurement and thus prevent unnecessary returns and shipments, and reduce the carbon footprint in the online fashion world.

On the other hand, Toxface Was cut by 13%, and more sharp declines were recorded NeoGames , Global.E , Intec Pharma , Redhill, Linyag Therapeutics Basket andAbogen


About half an hour before the end of the trading day and the declines on Wall Street continue, with the NASDAQ still down 0.6%, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 losing 0.1%.

Among the notable increases tonight in New York, Israeli Perrigo is impressive with a 10% jump following its announcement of the acquisition of RHA Pharma for $ 2 billion. also Beyond Air , Protelix, Monday, Dario Heath , Intercure andhippo Centers of interest.

On the other hand, NeoGames and Global Island continue to lose ground following the sale of shareholders’ holdings, and Toxface , Redhill , SimilarWeb , Sentinel Van andGilat Weakening.

Satellite company Globalstar is soaring 27% after Apple announced that its annual announcement event will take place next week – with rumors in the background that the new iPhone 13 will use satellite communications. Dark Itself loses over 1% tonight.


Declines in Wall Street are moderating, with the Nasdaq now weakened by 0.6%.

Perrigo continues to stand out positively, and so does Krap Heinz, Global Payments, Citrix and Virgin Galactic.

Among Israeliness Protalix andMonday Points of Interest, Sentinel One continues to lose ground ahead of the release of its first reports since its issuance, tonight after the close of trading.

The biotechnology company Kadmon Holdings jumps over 70% after the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi Announced that it was acquiring the U.S. company for $ 1.9 billion, in a stock deal valued at $ 9.5 per share (while its most recent closing price was $ 5.3).


The number of jobs in the U.S. reached a fifth consecutive monthly high in July, when employers continued to have difficulty finding workers. The total number of job vacancies rose from 749,000 to 10.9 million, according to a U.S. Department of Labor survey – when the market was 10 In June, the number of jobs increased by only 112,000.


Red lock on European stock exchanges. The German DAX fell 1.5%, with the main draw being Siemens Energy Cut by more than 8% (and also the parent company Siemens Lost over 3%). The Potsy and Kak indices lost about 0.8%, and declines of more than 1% were recorded in Zurich, Lisbon, Brussels, Stockholm and the pan.European Eurostox 50 index.

In the US, the negative trend continues. The Nasdaq weakened by 0.8%, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 fell by about 0.4%.

Among Israelis on Wall Street, there have been sharp declines Redhill , Abogen , Toxface , Risked , Global.E Online andSentinel Van – On the other side of the table stands out Perrigo With a jump of about 8%.


The New York trading day opened with 0.2% declines in the three major indices.

Shares of Perrigo are soaring close to 5% after reporting a huge $ 2 billion acquisition of French company HRA Pharma.

In Europe, price declines continue, with the DAX now losing 1%, partly due to a sharp decline of close to 7% in Siemens Energy shares. In London and Paris, the index fell by 0.4%, while in Zurich, Brussels and Stockholm the indices retreated by 1%.

In the crypto market, the negative trend continues, with Bitcoin trading around $ 46.1 thousand, Heather for about $ 3,400 and Ripple for $ 1.08. The Solna currency is trading at $ 156 per unit, a jump of almost 40% within a week. The market value of the currency soared to $ 46 billion and is now the seventh largest currency.


The red trend in Europe is weakening at this time as well. Dax is down 0.6%, Potsy and Kak are down 0.4% and Potsy Milan are down 0.2%. Stokes 600 is down 0.5%.

Oil soared 1.5 percent to $ 69.4.


The declines in Europe weakened slightly. Dax is down 1%, Potsey is down 0.8%, Kak is down 0.5% and Potsey Milan is down 0.3%. The Stokes 600 was down 0.8%.


Trading on European stock exchanges is currently declining. Dax is down 1.2%, Potsey is down 1%, Kak is down 0.8% and Italian Potsey is down 0.6%. Stokes 600 loses 1%. Futures are signaling a negative opening on Wall Street.

The declines in Bitcoin have weakened slightly. Now the digital currency is losing about 1.4% and its price stands at $ 46.2 thousand. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has lost 9%.


Trading in Europe is declining sharply: German Dax and French CAC are down 1.2%, Italian side Potsey is down 1.1% and British side Potsey is down 0.9%. The Stokes 600 was down 1.1%. Expect a red opening on Wall Street.

Heng Seng closed down 0.5%.


Trading on European stock markets opened today with declines: Dax and Kak are down 1.2% and Potsey is down 0.8%. The Stokes 600 weakened 1.1%, leading the financial sector which lost 1.6%.

Asian trade closed with a mixed trend. Nikkei rose 0.9%, Shanghai closed unchanged, Cospi lost 0.8% and ASX 200 fell 0.2%. Heng Seng loses 0.4%.

Bitcoin is losing about 3.5% and its price now stands at $ 45.3 thousand. In the last 24 hours, the currency has lost 13%.


Trading on the Asian stock markets is taking place this morning in a mixed trend. Nikkei is up 0.4%, Shanghai is up 0.1%, Cosfi is down 0.9%, Heng Seng is up 0.5% and ASX 200 is down 0.3%.

The Japanese economy grew by 1.9% in the second quarter, compared to expectations of 1.6%. In the first quarter, GDP in Japan fell by 3.7%.

Trading on Wall Street closed yesterday in a mixed trend. The Dow was down 0.76%, the S&P 500 was down 0.34% and the Nasdaq was up 0.1%. European trading closed down.

El Salvador yesterday became the first country to officially adopt Bitcoin as a legal currency like the dollar. In response, the digital currency fell 17% to its lowest level in a month. The declines continued this morning as well, and now Bitcoin is losing about 0.4%. Its value is about $ 46,752. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has lost 11%.

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake was felt Wednesday night in southwestern Mexico. Rocks collapsed and hit roads, and one person was killed by a rockfall. At the same time, severe flooding swept the center of the country, leading to a power outage in a hospital. As a result, 17 people perished and about 2,000 homes were damaged. In the United States, warning systems were activated, warning of a tsunami that could approach in the wake of the earthquake.

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