Kompanija Karneks (Carnex), a member of the MK Group, is the first company to donate its products as part of the “Save Food” initiative and the upcoming National Giving Day, which this year will be dedicated to collecting food for the most vulnerable.

The campaign is said to be organized by the Serbian Philanthropic Forum and the Coalition for Charity, led by the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, with USAID support. “We at Carnex have been committed to fighting hunger since its inception and have always supported actions that help vulnerable populations. As a company that is one of the largest food producers, we strive to help all vulnerable groups as much as we can,” said Commercial Director Milan Rados. product package to the Migration Center “Info Park”.

He added that in the past three years, that company alone in cooperation with the Food Bank donated about 70 tons of its products, which provided at least one meal for about 420,000 people.

Info Park employee Irena Abdelalam Abdelmaksoud thanked Carnex for meeting their desire to provide their customers with food adapted to their habits, bearing in mind that this organization is especially committed to protecting the most vulnerable refugee groups, namely women and children.

The executive director of the Serbian Philanthropic Forum, Veran Matic, announced that within the campaign for the month of food donation, the collected food products would be distributed through numerous organizations dealing with poverty and hunger in Serbia, and called on other companies and citizens to get actively involved.

This action of Carnex, which started the campaign, is only the first in a series that will be realized in the following period by MK Group with its member companies. As it is stated, Flora, Sunoko and Agrounija will also donate their food products.

“MK Group continuously and systematically allocates significant funds, both in goods and money, for numerous philanthropic activities. Last year, the company set aside more than one million euros for donations, which is why it was awarded the prestigious Virutus award for contribution to philanthropy at the national level. and the Serbian Association of Managers declared it the most socially responsible company, “the statement said.

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