Strike Committee: Second round of reconciliation without progress, Fiat is not ready to make concessions
After the second round of negotiations with the mediation of the state conciliator, not only was no agreement reached with the employer, but the workers found themselves in an “even worse” situation than they were, said Zoran Miljković, president of the Fiat Plastika Strike Committee in Kragujevac.

“The employer extremely arrogantly and rudely offered us an illegal collective agreement where we waive our right to strike and where our recourse is reduced by more than 60 percent,” Miljković said after a two-and-a-half-hour meeting at the Fiat office in Belgrade.

According to him, Fiat’s general manager in Kragujevac, Nikola Jerotijevic, addressed him personally and “consciously, clearly and loudly” said that, as he says, in violation of labor and strike laws, he would not be allowed to go on strike in the factory.

Miljković said that the workers presented a document to the employer and conciliator today, which they claim is legally valid from 2018, with the signatures of the union and the employer, by which he undertakes to pay recourse to the workers in the amount of the average salary.

Miljković added that, although she said that she would come to the negotiations today, the Minister of Labor, Darija Kisić Tepavčević, did not attend due to state obligations, and there was no planned meeting with the strikers before the second round of reconciliation.

According to Miljković, the Minister said that she would talk to him during the day.

“We call on the Minister of Labor to urgently send a labor inspection from Belgrade to Fiat Plastic, which will order the employer to return the machines he illegally moved during the strike to another factory, and send a group of workers, including members of the Strike Committee, on forced leave. “, said Miljković.

He emphasized that if the machines are not returned as soon as possible, it will be considered that the state has openly stood against all workers in Serbia, because then no union will be able to go on strike, since all employers can act like Fiat.

“For this reason, we will form an association of citizens in the shortest possible time that will deal with workers’ rights and in which all Serbian workers will be able to join and we will have free legal aid and lawyers. We will start a broad fight for the rights of all workers in Serbia,” Miljkovic said. .

He said that the conciliator had scheduled a new round of reconciliation for September 21 in Belgrade.

Since the Strike Committee, as previously announced, will no longer come to Belgrade due to financial expenses, the conciliator has scheduled a meeting for September 23 in Kragujevac.

“The conciliator said that if the employer does not call by September 17 and express readiness to return the machines and workers to the factory, and fulfill the financial demands of the strikers, there will be no new meeting in the conciliation procedure,” Miljković said.

As she stated, she said that “there is no purpose” if “there is no progress on the part of the employer”.

Miljković said that the general strike in the company Fiat Plastic continues.

Workers are demanding that their recourse be returned to the level before January 1, 2021, and that the compensation for paid leave be 65 percent instead of the current 60 percent.

By Editor