IL: The Linkosuo bakery will be able to continue its production – there will be enough natural gas for at least June

Due to the end of Russian natural gas imports, the production of the Linkosuo Kangasala unit was suspended for a month. According to Iltalehti, substitute natural gas will be available for at least June through the Balticconnector gas pipeline.

According to the energy company, natural gas will now be distributed to the bakery from the beginning of the week. However, the distribution of natural gas in the Baltics is limited, says the bakery manager Jarmo Talasrinne To the evening newspaper.

Talasrinne believes there will be enough gas until midsummer, when the replacement oil systems will be ready. In the future, both natural gas and oil can be used for the bakery’s production.

Co-operation negotiations had taken place in the bakery in advance in the event that natural gas imports ceased. If the negotiations had to be put into practice, they would affect about a hundred workers who would be on various holidays for a month.

Talasrinne tells Iltalehti, however, that with good luck, negotiations do not have to be put into practice. According to him, the negotiations have been conducted in a good spirit.

Linkosuo’s cafĂ© and lunch restaurant operations will continue as normal and confectionery products will be able to be manufactured despite the natural gas situation.

Last week, Talasrinne told Kauppalehti’s news about the sales losses that could have been caused by the one-month production shutdown.

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