The Kuwait Center for Commercial Arbitration of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry concluded last Wednesday the training course “Preparation of conciliators and mediators” in cooperation with the Fatwa and Legislation Department of the Council of Ministers.

The course was held over four days within the framework of the cooperation agreement signed between the two parties, in which the international expert in alternative ways of resolving disputes, Dr. Imad El-Din Hussein, lectured, where advisors and lawyers from the Fatwa and Legislation Department participated in the program.

The course dealt with several axes, most notably the definition of “international mediation” as a realistic alternative to the usual way of resorting to the state’s judiciary to settle disputes, which leads to a protracted conflict due to the large number of cases and different degrees of litigation even in the most advanced countries, while conciliation and mediation represent an alternative mechanism for settling disputes more Efficient and less costly and can resolve disputes at an early stage of the adversary Even for the most deep and complex disputes, conciliation / mediation processes provide procedures that increase the level of communication, enhance trust, and resolve disputes under viable and enforceable agreements, and often preserve the reputation of the parties and commercial relations Between companies, businessmen and consumers, as one of the secrets of success in business relations is a professional mediator and the right people around the table.

The course also included a quick comparative study of the newly developed alternative methods for settling commercial disputes (ADR) in Arab and foreign legislation, with an indication of the way they are applied by the courts in those countries.

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