More expensive fuel in Serbia, Eurodiesel 203.50 and Europremium 187 dinars per liter

Fuel in Serbia has risen in price today, a liter of Eurodiesel will cost a maximum of 203.50 dinars, and the highest price of Europremium BMB 95 is 187 dinars, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications announced.
Those prices are valid from today at 15:00, and until midnight on May 31.

Last week, a liter of Eurodiesel cost 202.20 dinars, and the Euro Premium BMB 95 sold for 184 dinars.

On April 28, the Serbian government adopted an amended Decree on limiting the price of oil derivatives, which is valid until May 31, and which increased trade margins from six to seven dinars.

At that time, members of the government made a decision to temporarily reduce the amount of excise duties on oil derivatives by 15 percent.

Retail prices of oil derivatives will be formed by May 31, as before: on the basis of the average wholesale price of derivatives determined by the Ministry of Mining and Energy, and a trade margin of seven dinars per liter will be added to the price.

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