Slight rises on Wall Street;  Iron Source climbs 3.5%


The day of trading on the US stock exchanges opened with a 0.6% increase in the leading stock indices.

Stock Zim Does not stop and rises to a new peak. Iron Source also stands out with a sharp rise.


The US Manufacturers’ Price Index (PPI) rose 0.7% in August from an expected 0.6% increase. In the last 12 months, the PPI has risen 8.3%.

Slight increases are recorded in trading on Wall Street indices. In early trading, stocks rose Tesla , Wells Fargo, Apple and AMC.

On the other hand, Risked And Iron Source are recording sharp declines.

Toyota is up 1% after the company lowered its annual production forecast by about 300,000 vehicles.


European stock markets continue to trade slightly higher: the DAX is up 0.24%, and the Potsy and Kak are up 0.28%. Futures on Wall Street are also up 0.3%, after the last trading days all ended in declines.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange closed up 1.91%, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange rose 0.27% and 0.5%, respectively.


European stocks opened higher: the DAX up 0.17%, the Potsy up 0.35%, and the CAC up 0.41%.


The Nikkei closed up 1.25%. Asian stock markets continue to rise, although they have moderated slightly: the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges by 0.32% and 0.54%, and the Hong Kong stock exchange by 1.42%.


Asian stock exchanges are on the rise, after the news that the process of approving the new online games in the country was temporarily suspended was corrected by the newspaper that published the original article, which claimed that the procedure would only slow down but not be suspended.

The Nikkei is up 1%, Shanghai and Shenzhen are up 0.43% and 0.59%, and the Hong Kong stock market is up 1.6%.

This morning, the annual and monthly GDP data in the United Kingdom came out. In the afternoon, the President of the European Bank will speak. The employment data in Canada will be published later, as well as the US Consumer Price Index.

Bitcoin rose 1.57% in the last day, reaching $ 46.8 thousand. Atherium remains stable at around $ 3,470.

The New York trading day ended with slight price declines in the three major indices for the fourth day in a row. The Dow Jones and S&P 500 lost about 0.4%, the Nasdaq about 0.2%.

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