President of the Poultry Federation Azara Al-Husseini, Fayd El-Ayed in

Tariq Orabi

The Vice-President of the Kuwait Food Federation and the President of the Federation of Poultry Companies, Azara Al-Husseini, said that the Kuwaiti market is currently witnessing a surplus in egg production.

Al-Husseini added in a statement during a press conference, “Kuwait is currently witnessing a surplus in egg production that exceeds 140 percent of the market need.”

Al-Husseini stressed that there is no shortage of poultry, indicating that it is currently suffering from high prices after the increase in feed prices, as well as as a result of the rush to buy by citizens and residents.

Al-Husseini pointed out that the current poultry companies meet more than 40% of the Kuwaiti market’s need, and that the state is currently working to ensure an increase in poultry production by providing the necessary feed, vaccinations and crews.

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