Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirović said today that the legalization process must be accelerated and that more than two million people have not yet resolved the issue, noting that the plan is to complete it by 2023.

“We have resolved about 20 percent of the requests, but our goal is for that issue to be resolved by 2023, because 90 percent of people who have a problem with legalization are honest people who wanted to solve their basic right to a roof over their head.” “, Momirovic said for the Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).

As he stated, that will be resolved quickly and people will be relieved of the administrative procedures “that sometimes burden them.

Speaking about construction projects in the country, he said that construction “carries the economy” and reminded that in Serbia “there are currently 80,000 construction sites, but also that there are not enough construction workers”.

“We don’t have any unemployed construction workers in the country. Wages in the construction sector have jumped incredibly and we have a problem because we don’t have workers. The solution for the workforce is wage growth in the construction sector for several years, influx of people from the region and additional training.” , said Momirovic.

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