A group of parties, movements and associations tried today to hand over a letter of protest to the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, regarding the operation of the Linglong tire factory in Zrenjanin, because it believes that it does not respect the legal and social norms of Serbia. no one in the embassy wanted to receive him, he said that they were addressing Ambassador Chen Bo in this way, due to a number of problems that arose in the realization of the Linglong project.

“All activities planned by the project must be in accordance with the legislation, transparent and accessible to public discussion, so that citizens can be accurately informed and assess the risks to health and property,” Kuzovic said.

According to him, the behavior of some Chinese citizens in Serbia “seriously endangers relations between the two countries.”

Kuzovic also stated that the letter requested that the works on the Linglong project be stopped immediately, regardless of the price, until the accumulated problems are resolved.

Also, some of the requests in the letter are to provide the necessary guarantees that by the end of the operation of the tire factory in Zrenjanin, only Serbian citizens will be employed in it, and that the project will respect the laws of Serbia.

At a meeting in the middle of the Chinese Embassy, ​​it was said that it was important to prosecute all Chinese citizens who participated in the violation of Serbian law in connection with this project.

The protest, which will be delivered to the Embassy by mail, was signed by the Liberation Movement, the People’s Party, the Freedom and Justice Party, the Doors Movement, the Free Serbia Movement, the Democratic Party, the Reversal Movement, the Awakening Movement, the United Phantoms Movement, the Battle of Kosutnjak, Let’s Protect Jadar and Radjevina, the October 6 Movement and the People’s Freedom Movement.

On Saturday, several hundred activists of civic movements and initiatives, as well as some opposition political parties, protested in front of the factory’s construction site in Zrenjanin, citing potential environmental pollution and a lack of proper permits to build the factory.

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