Autostrade cashback starts tomorrow due to construction site delays

The cashback service for the motorway toll will be active from tomorrow, envisaged as part of the strategic transformation plan of Autostrade per l’Italia, on the sections under the responsibility of the company, and accessible thanks to the Free To X app which is already available on all stores for Android and IOS devices. The free application, after a test period carried out in the summer months, it is now open to an experimental phase (until 31/12/2021) for mass use, regardless of the vehicle class and the means of payment used. The service will be made accessible to the consortia and their associates at a later stage, thanks to a dedicated adhesion process that will make it possible to retroactively recover the reimbursements relating to the itineraries traveled since 15 September.

The measure – shared with the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility and in the formal presentation phase to the Antitrust Authority – is part of the overall strategy of Autostrade per l’Italia (Aspi) and makes it possible to make new interactive services available to users, to find out in real time the state of traffic on motorways and access the refreshment of the toll for travel times exceeding the reference standards (times calculated on speed: 100km.h for light vehicles; 70 km.h for heavy vehicles), due to the presence of planned construction sites on the Aspi network.

Tomasi: we estimate an expense of 250 million

The total expense of Autostrade per l’Italia over the next five years for the cashback service should amount to a total of 250 million euros, said CEO Roberto Tomasi during the presentation of the initiative, explaining that the figure includes the 77 million already provided in tariff concessions mainly in Liguria.

The company, as is known, is in fact carrying out – among the strategic lines of the corporate transformation plan – an uninterrupted program of overall modernization works, which concerns every type of infrastructure under management: viaducts, tunnels and barriers. The objective of the current plan – which will continue in the coming years – is to extend its duration, renewing their life cycle, thanks to 21.5 billion between investments and maintenance foreseen in the industrial plan for the development of the network and modernizing infrastructures built in the 1960s / 1970s– This is a strategic intervention for the country and at the service of citizens that involves the entire sector, and which is also carried out in compliance with the new regulations issued for the management of bridges, viaducts and tunnels in 2020.

The modernization plan is carried out with the collaboration of all the main companies of the Autostrade per l’Italia group: the interventions are designed by the engineering company Tecne and carried out, in accordance with the regulations, by Pavimental. The Movyon technological center is dedicated to the development of digital solutions available to the Group and has processed the calculation of the reimbursement on the basis of proprietary data of Aspi; finally Free To X through the app will manage the direct relationship with the customer for the payment of cashback.

Refunds only for delays from construction sites on the network

Cashback will be paid exclusively in the event of delays generated by construction sites for works on the Autostrade per l’Italia network that affect the regularity of transits due to the reduction of the lanes originally available (excluding the emergency lane) and may already be recognized for itineraries short, starting from 15 minutes late, allowing access to reimbursements from 25% to 100% of the toll, based on the actual travel time and the length of the journey. In particular, the cashback will be valid for the following types of transits on: routes with entry and exit on the Aspi network; routes with entry to the Aspi network and exit to another concessionaire; routes with entry to another concessionaire and exit to the Aspi network; routes with entrance and exit to another concessionaire, with crossing on the Aspi network.

Delays not related to the concessionaire’s activities, of an unpredictable nature, are not included in the initiative such as: heavy traffic, accidents, weather events, demonstrations, or any other reason not connected to the work plan for the modernization of motorway infrastructures. Five major consumer associations (Adiconsum, Adoc, Adusbef, Codacons and Federconsumatori) also participated in the test conducted on the cashback service.

By downloading the Free to X app, in the Cashback section, users will be able to obtain a refund both for payments with electronic toll devices, and for payments with credit, debit, Viacard and cash cards. Those who have electronic toll systems can enter the references relating to the chosen device to automatically receive the cashback notification, limiting themselves to confirming the itinerary. To those who use cash or cards, to request a refund it will be sufficient to send the photograph – via the app – of the payment receipt, collected at the exit.

Accreditations will take place starting from January 2022

During the experimental phase (until 31/12/2021) the reimbursements will be accumulated – for all types of payment – in the “purse” section and accreditations will be issued starting from January 2022, for transits made from 15 September, on your current account, by bank transfer or directly on the invoice of the electronic toll operator, on the basis of agreements being defined.

To support users in these months of mass experimentation, Free To X has activated several dedicated channels: from the website, to the customer care service available in the Assistance section of the Free To X app, active with operator from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:00, and on Saturdays from 8:00 to 14:00. For direct contact with assistants to use the application, the number is available: 800. 93.2000.

Finally, further developments of the application have already started, to make available also innovative services of public utility, such as for example the forecasting of travel times, on the various sections managed by Autostrade per l’Italia, which the traveler can consult. to better plan your trip. On the App, in the “Travel” section, there are already other useful services such as: cameras for monitoring transit flows; the calculation of the standard toll; the positioning of active tutors along the network and a feature to identify the cheapest fuel prices in the various service areas available.

With a view to maximizing information to users about the construction sites on the network, Aspi is also developing graphics that will be gradually installed along the points involved in the works, with the description of the type of intervention and the duration, foreseen in the overall plan for the modernization of the works.

Traffic on the network at pre.Covid levels

Meanwhile, traffic on the motorway network managed by Autostrade per l’Italia is in “a positive context” and has returned to pre.Covid levels, added Tomasi, explaining that on average there are increases of + 4% per week with peaks of + 11% compared to 2019, or the pre.crisis period, Tomasi specified.

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