Favorable factors that support China’s recovery continue to accumulate and promote stable progress of the Chinese economy, the Chinese media group stated.

In the comment of that media house, on the occasion of the announcement of the Chinese officials that the results of the national economy were good in August, it is pointed out that thanks to the improvement of the business environment in China, the number of innovative companies is rapidly increasing.

It is added that technological innovations are like constant “engines” that deliver a constant flow of development power to the Chinese economy.

“At the same time, domestic demand continues to strongly support the Chinese economy. On the one hand, despite the impact of factors such as epidemics and floods, Chinese household consumption growth slowed in August, but the employment.supporting employment situation remained broadly stable. “The momentum of the increase in consumption in China has not weakened,” the Chinese media group said.

It was pointed out that, with the improvement of corporate efficiency, the Chinese policy of supporting the development of the real economy has continued to be efficient, and the vitality of investments continues to grow.

According to the Chinese media group, the constant expansion of China’s opening has significantly stimulated the world economy, so in August, China’s total foreign trade reached a record high and the growth of imports and exports far exceeded market expectations, and the country continues to become a hotbed of foreign investment.

BlackRock, one of the world’s largest asset management groups, recently announced in the “Global Investment Outlook for Mid.2021” that, compared to other countries in the world, the Chinese economy has reacted strongly to the impact of the Kovid 19 epidemic and become a driving force.

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