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The rises in the European indices continue, with increases of 0-3% -0-5% in the Dax, Kak and Potsey indices- GodDeutsche Bank Weakened 0-3% and British banks continue to lose weight, while shares Lloyd’s Traded steadily-

Futures contracts on Wall Street continue to trade slightly higher, with the Nasdaq and S&P 500 expected to strengthen 0-1%- Contracts on the Dow Jones are trading steadily- 1%-

The crypto market is operating at a modest rise, with Bitcoin trading around $ 39,000- Etherium is trading at $ 2,500 per unit, the DogeCoin at 32 cents-


European stock exchanges have traded in a mixed trend, with the Potsy and Kak up 0-4%, the DAX adding 0-6% while the Madrid and Milan stock markets weaken-

GodDeutsche Bank Losing 0-5%, BMW is down 0-3%- On the other hand, Siemens And Siemens Energy are up about 2% and the Deutsche Bourse is up 0-6%-

Banks are losing ground on the London Stock Exchange, with declines of 1% for Barclays, of 1-5% forHSBC And of 0-8% to the Charter standard- Rolls Royce Strengthens by 2-2%, British Telecom Costs 1-6%-


Trade in Europe continues to rise in exchange rates- The DAX is up 0-6% with significant increases for Siemens and SAP, the Kak is up 0-4% with significant increases forOrange andAirbus (following reports of EU-US compromise in Boeing-Airbus conflict) And the pottery adds 0-2%-

Trade in China and Hong Kong ended in declines- The Shanghai and Shenzhen indices lost about 0-9%, Hong Kong was down 0-7%- Hainan Airlines rose 4%, Bank of China lost 0-3%-

Slight increases are recorded in trading on Wall Street futures- In early trading, centers of interest include Torchlight Energy and Opgen, which climb above 30%, while the Washington Prime group is falling-

Bitcoin weakened slightly this morning and is now trading at $ 39,000 per unit-


Green opening this morning on European stock exchanges, with a 0-7% rise in the German DAX, with declines in car companies including BMW and Volkswagen- The French CAC index strengthened by 0-3% following the publication of inflation data, according to which the consumer price index rose by 0-3% in May, and the annual increase amounts to 1-4%-

The London Potassium Index is trading slightly higher, amid macro and unemployment data for May- The average wage rose significantly above expectations (5-6% compared to an expectation of 4-9%) and the number of job seekers also fell- At the same time, the number of employed persons in the quarter is about 25% lower than expected-

Trading in Japan ended on the positive side, and the Nikkei index added almost 1%, with this time the car companies actually received adequate increases: Toyota Rose 1-7%, Nissan Strengthened by 1-4%, Mitsubishi Added 0-6%- The Sydney Stock Exchange also closed up 0-9%-

In China, on the other hand, there are declines: the Shanghai index is down 1%, the Shenzhen is down 0-9% and Hong Kong is down 0-8%- Chinese airline Hainan Airlines Prominent with an increase of 4%, Bank of China Loses 1-4% in Hong Kong and Group Ali Baba Strengthens by 0-6%-


Asian stock markets are trading in a mixed trend today and contracts on US stock market indices are up slightly- This is after trading on Wall Street ended yesterday in a mixed trend- The Nasdaq index climbed 0-7% to a new high while the Dow Jones retreated 0-25%-

After a sharp rise yesterday, Bitcoin continues to climb today and trades around $ 40,500- Yesterday, Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla will once again accept Bitcoin as payment as soon as it is proven that it is possible to mine the currency through substantial use of green energy (at least 50%)-

Gold is trading steadily at $ 1,867 an ounce- Brent crude is up slightly at $ 73-2 a barrel-

The investment house IBI notes ahead of the Fed’s announcement tomorrow that “in the current decision, the Fed comes with favorable conditions and no pressure from the markets, but it is likely that based on statements by several members in recent weeks, it will signal that it has begun discussing buying reductions-“

The Fed has received a boost to the “temporary inflation” thesis from both the inflation mix and the bond market- Although the consumer price index for May rose again higher than expected (a 0-6% increase in the general index and 0-7% in basic inflation, compared with an increase of 0-5% in both), the April index continued to reflect a high contribution mainly from the transportation section and industries affected by the opening of the economy- In the current situation, as the opening of the economy continues and consumption patterns return to normal (as the health condition improves, the probability of this increases), so the pressure on commodity prices will ease, and most of the contribution to the general index will return to services- In this scenario, the emphasis shifts to the labor market and in particular to the manner in which the unemployed return to the employment cycle, and to closing the unusual gap between the demand for workers and the supply of workers- ”

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