The Advisory Committee on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided today (Friday) not to recommend the approval of the third dose, the “booster” against the corona virus. The team of experts expressed frustration that Pfizer had provided little information on the safety of the additional doses.

During the discussions, the head of the public health services at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Sharon Elrai Price, presented the truth data from Israel. We are here to present the decisions we have made in Israel. “On the advice of several academic sources and analysts, we have announced the additional dose very carefully,” said Dr. Price.

“The impulse dose in Israel was effective and its safety profile, so far, was similar to the previous doses,” Elrai.Price clarified. “There were no more symptoms than the first doses. Also in terms of myocardial infarction they were afraid of. Today there were three deaths near the vaccine. A rigid and independent committee found that there was no link between mortality and the third vaccine.” She added: “Because over 50% of the Israeli population is under the age of 30, the vaccine could not be targeted only at the adult population because the goal was also to reduce morbidity.”

Yesterday it was reported in the medical journal The New England Journal of Medicine that the third dose of the vaccine against the virus, improves ten times more protection against infection and serious illness. The study, which addresses the Booster dose of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, indicates a significant increase in protection compared to those who were vaccinated with only two doses, and it has been five months or more since he received the second dose.

In fact, if the chance of being vaccinated against the Delta is currently about half that of the unvaccinated, as evidenced by various studies, the booster dose lowers this relative chance to 5%. In other words, a third dose of Pfizer vaccines returns the immune protection to a level of about 95% – similar to the original protection of a “fresh” vaccine that was observed against the less contagious alpha strain. Future studies could determine the long.term efficacy of a third dose of the vaccine against Delta and against future variants.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health announced that more than 3 million Israelis had been vaccinated in the third dose, since the impulse delivery operation began. The ministry published the data ahead of Shabbat, along with a call for all target populations that have not yet done so – to get vaccinated. “The vaccine has been shown to be the most effective means of fighting the corona virus, and is available to everyone,” it said. “We crossed the 3 million mark even earlier than the date we set for this target,” said Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz. Respect to our teams who do an amazing job, and to the public who act responsibly. Keep getting vaccinated! ”

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