SBB Executive Director Milija Zekovic said today that there is no market competition of mobile operators in Serbia.

“What is still missing in Serbia is the 5G network, we do not have many players in the market of mobile operators. What also did not change last year is the state’s attitude towards SBB and United (United) group. We do not have free market competition, and therefore users are suffering “, pointed out Zeković in Belgrade at the regional conference on trends in communications and media” Digital 2021 “.

He pointed out SBB supports the entry of new players into the market.

“So we support A1 entering the fixed telephony market in Serbia because the entry of new players means that we just have to be better – to have better infrastructure, better content and to be better towards our employees, in the end users will be better,” said Zekovic. –

He added that the state does not allow SBB to expand in Serbia and cited the example that the company in Subotica has been waiting for four years for permission to expand the network from one end of the city to the other.

“United Group has filed a lawsuit against an arbitration that is outside the country, in Washington, so we will see what the arbitration will say about how endangered we are in Serbia,” Zekovic said.

He noted that the United Group has expanded to Bulgaria and Greece and now has 14,000 employees, and in 2020 had revenues of two billion euros.

The General Manager of Telekom Srbija, Vladimir Lucic, said that it was incorrect that there was no competition on the market of mobile operators.

“Since the entry of VIP, we have had competition. So, there is competition. The same goes for the 4G network, which is of excellent quality. Thanks to the state, SBB was created. It was created for illegal construction of infrastructure using Telecom and electricity poles. it was completely illegal, “Lucic said.

According to him, Telecom has achieved a level of growth that will provide a revenue base in the next 10 years, but plans to expand into new markets, such as Northern Macedonia.

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