The signing of the historic peace agreements has created a growing interest in the Israeli blockchain industry among the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Marwan Al.Zaroni, founder and CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Center, says that “the Dubai Blockchain Center is eager to connect to the pool of Israeli companies in the blockchain field. Also to create cooperation on the subject in front of Israeli universities and academic and professional institutions.“

Al.Arzani adds: “In Dubai we like to work with leading international partners to take blockchain technology to the next level in our country, the United Arab Emirates and the world.”

Yosef Sheftel, founder of the Israeli Blockchain Association, states: “Blockchain is about people, trust and transparency, so the two organizations will take care to provide each other with unbiased information. The two associations together build an ecosystem based on connecting entrepreneurs, investors and researchers and giving them access to partners. The most appropriate strategies. “

Press conference – The Israeli Blockchain Association and the Dubai Blockchain Center (Photo: Tal Shahar | TAL SHAHAR)

The Israeli Blockchain Association (IBA) is the center that unites, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors in the field of blockchain, in order to strengthen the local ecosystem and represent it on a global scale. Startups use IBAs to develop their ideas and turn them into products. While investors use IBAs to conduct due diligence for the companies in which they are interested in investing and quality testing for the products they develop.

The Dubai Blockchain Center was launched in May 2018 by Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid al.Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai. The Center is a strategic partner of the Dubai Future Fund, which aims to make the UAE the world’s leading nation by 2071. This is achieved through the implementation of a series of bold initiatives in a variety of industries including blockchain technology.

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