The vice.president of the Independent Trade Union of Serbia, Dusko Vukovic, stated today that the republic executive power bears the responsibility that 1,250 workers of the Geoks fashion clothing from Vranje lost their jobs and that these people have not yet been found flattered.

Vukovic told the Beta agency that only 120 Geox workers were temporarily employed by the Teklas company in Vladicin Han, 35 kilometers from Vranje.

“Many Geox workers, who lost their jobs at the end of July, have not yet received decisions on termination of employment, so they cannot exercise the right to compensation in the National Employment Service. The state would have to pay all of them financial compensation in the amount of salary until he provides them with new jobs, “said the vice president of the Independent Trade Union.

According to him, the republican and local executive power must be the guarantor for the preservation of jobs in the neoliberal concept of attracting foreign investors.

“The arrival of foreign investors is paid for with Serbian taxpayers’ money, and that is why their sudden departure shows that we are far from a regulated system that takes care of citizens and employees in our country,” Vukovic said.

He added that the unfulfilled promises of the top authorities that jobs would be provided for all former Geox workers by September 15 indicate that Serbia is an unregulated state.

“The government must not take any kind of promise lightly. Care must be taken to which investors and in what way subsidies are given both for job creation and for exemption from paying taxes and contributions. There will be terrible consequences if the practice of foreign investors continues. as soon as they fulfill their contractual obligations, they close the factories and leave the country, “Vukovic pointed out.

He expressed fear that in the next period there will be more investors who, due to the escalation of the kovida.19 pandemic, will decide to close their companies and leave Serbia.

At the end of July, the Italian company Geox closed the factory in Vranje, leaving 1,250 people without jobs, although only five and a half years ago, that investment cost the state of Serbia and the City of Vranje a total of around 18 million euros.

After the factory closed, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, promised that the issue of employment for all workers would be resolved by September 15, and that he would personally inform them in Vranje.

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