– From Monday, companies will be able to apply to request incentives provided for by the new development contracts– The decree published by the Ministry of Economic Development provides for this, the main novelty of which is the clause for companies that will undertake, in the event of an increase in the employment of their activities, to hire first people who receive income support interventions, unemployed as a result of collective dismissal procedures e workers of companies involved in crisis tables active in the ministry.

Giorgetti’s address

Thus, theaddress by Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti addressed to all the general directorates of the ministry that issue provisions relating to the reconversion and re.industrialization of territorial areas of the country through the granting of incentives and concessions.

“From Monday, Italian companies will be able to count on two important tools that the Ministry of Economic Development makes available to support the relaunch, employment and economic growth of the country”, commented the deputy minister of Mise Gilberto Pichetto, following the start free to incentives.

“The Ministry of Economic Development – explains Pichetto – supports Italian companies by financing two important instruments: i new development contracts, with the clause wanted by Minister Giorgetti for those companies that will undertake to hire as a priority the workers of companies in crisis and the fund large companies in difficulty, for the relaunch of large companies in temporary difficulty, or in extraordinary administration, due to the Covid emergency. The government has a very clear plan for relaunching the country: I think the whole economy can benefit from it “.

The two articles of the decree

In detail, the decree is made up of two articles and provides, “a starting from 12.00 on 20 September 2021, the reopening of the deadlines for the submission of subsidy applications under the Development Contract for which, with the decree of August 4, 2021 mentioned in the introduction, the closure was ordered “. And, it says, provides that the” beneficiaries, in the event that an increase in employment is envisaged, undertake to proceed as a matter of priority, within the context of the respective needs of employees, and after verifying the professional requirements, tohiring of workers who are recipients of interventions to support income, or are unemployed as a result of collective dismissal procedures, or the workers of the companies in the reference area involved in crisis tables active at the Ministry of Economic Development “.

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