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Continuing the downward trend around the world, Wall Street futures are also forecasting sharp declines, with all leading indices falling more than 1%, with the Dow Jones even down 1.51%.


The declines in Europe are exacerbating and crossing 2%: the DAX is down 2.2%, the Kak is down 2.4%, and the Potsy is down 1.57%.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange closed down 3.3%.


The European stock markets also opened down, following the global trend: the DAX dipped 1.9%, the Potsy 1.06%, and the CAC 1.74%. Deutsche Bank shares are down 4.4%.


The reason for the fall in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is related to the Chinese real estate giant Evergrand, which falls by 14.5% – and reaches a low of 11 years. Meanwhile, the declines in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange calm down slightly and reach 3.3%.


Today there is no trade in most Asian countries due to different holidays in the countries (holidays towards autumn in China and South Korea and “Honor the Elderly” day in Japan). In Hong Kong, where trading continues, the stock market falls sharply by 4.2%. In Australia, even where trade continues there are falls of 2.21%. In general throughout Asia where stock exchanges trade there are declines (as in India and Indonesia) except Vietnam, where stock markets rise by 0.78%.

Sharp declines are also occurring in the crypto market, where bitcoin has fallen 4.5% in the last 24 hours and is now trading around $ 45.7 thousand (although it should be noted that despite the fall, the currency has completed a 2.4% rise in the last week). Atherium falls by 5.85% and reaches $ 3.2 thousand.

On Friday, the Wall Street stock exchanges closed in a negative trend with the leading indices retreating 0.5% .0.9% at the close of trading.

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