Today, the Minister of Village Care, Milan Krkobabic, visited the municipality of Varvarin and held a working meeting with the management and presidents of the local communities of this municipality of Rasina district, at which the needs of the rural population were discussed, as well as current and planned programs of the Ministry.
The Minister also visited the Radosavljević family, which received funds from the Grant Program for the purchase of a village house with a garden.

“This is one of the 300 houses selected so far. The family is from this area and is determined to stay here. A good example, but also an invitation for young people from other parts of the country to settle here,” Krkobabic said.

Jelena Radosavljevic said that the support of the state means a lot to her family.

“We have our own household and now it will be easier to achieve everything we imagined as our future. We invite all young people who have the desire to live in the countryside to participate in this program,” she said.

The president of the municipality of Varvarin, Violeta Lutovac Djordjevic, said that both the rural population and the representatives of the local self.governments recognize the importance and benefit of the program implemented by the Ministry of Village Care.

Lutovac Djordjevic pointed out that local self.governments are a link between the republic level and the population for which all measures and programs are intended, and that this important cooperation was discussed at the meeting.

The Ministry of Rural Care implements programs to improve living and working conditions in the countryside, from solving the issue of subsistence of rural residents through cooperatives, allocating funds for the purchase of a village house with a garden, allocating funds for the purchase of minibuses to transport doctors to school or school. municipal and postal counter, as well as encouraging the cultural life of the villagers and nurturing the tradition by organizing events.

The plan is to adapt rural houses of culture or cooperative homes into multifunctional facilities, which will bring new contents to the rural population, but also make life easier by providing various services, it is stated in the announcement.

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