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After a day of gains, trading on Wall Street ended in a mixed trend, with the indices declining towards the end. The Nasdaq closed up 0.2%, and the Dow Jones and S&P 500 both closed down 0.1%.

Stock Walt disney Shed 4.1%, IBM Decreased by 1% andMcDonalds Added 0.6%.

Autonomy fell by 7.6% andOrmat Technologies Increased by 1.1%.


Rises on Wall Street are moderating: the S&P 500 is up 0.1%, the Dow Jones is up 0.2% and the Nasdaq is up 0.4%.
Autonomy falls by 6.2%. IceCure Medical Climbs 5.1%.

Bitcoin is down 3.2% and Etherium is down 5.2%.

Brent oil futures for November are up 0.6%.
Sugar futures are down 1.4 percent, and cocoa contracts are up 0.7 percent.


The Nasdaq is up 0.6%, the Dow is up 0.5% and the S&P 500 is up 0.4%.
Twitter Adds 2.7%, andFacebook Increases by 0.7%.

Bitcoin is down 2.6% and Etherium is down 3.7%.


Trading in Europe closed on a positive trend: the DAX rose 1.4%, the Potsy rose 1.1% and the CAC rose 1.5%.

Trade in the United States has risen. The Dow Jones is up 0.3%, the S&P 500 is up 0.4% and the Nasdaq is up 0.7%.

Autonomo loses 4.7%, Elbit Systems Adds 0.3% andAnalybax Therapeutics Adds 1.1%.


Trading on Wall Street is now declining. The Dow Jones and S&P 500 are both losing 0.1%, and NASDAQ remains unchanged.
Autonomous Weakened by 3.8%. Outbrain loses 2.9% andCaesar stone Decreases by 2%.

Rises in Europe are moderating slightly: Kak and Dax are up 1.1% and Potsey is up 0.9%.

Bitcoin is down 3% and Etherium is down 1.9%.

Gold futures are up 0.9% and silver contracts are up 1.4%. Contracts for copper are down 1.2%.


The trading day on Wall Street opened with slight gains of 0.3% .0.5% in the leading indices.
Iron Source Strengthens by 1.5% andOutbrain Adds 0.8%.

In Europe, the Kak index is up 1.6%, the DAX is up 1.5%, and the Potsy is up 1.2%.


The rise in Wall Street futures is moderating: NASDAQ and Dow Jones futures are up 0.8%, and the S&P 500 is up 0.7%.


European stock markets continue to climb: the Potsy index is up 1.3%, and the DAX and CAC are both up 1.4%.
Renault shares are up 0.8%, and British Telecom is up 3%.

Bitcoin is down 0.6%, and Etherium is up 1%. Solana currency jumps 3.4%.


The increases in futures contracts on the Wall Street indices are increasing. The contract for Dow Jones is up about 1%, the contract for NASDAQ is up 0.8% and the contract for the S&P 500 is up 0.89%.

Major European stock indices continue to rise, with Dax and CAC soaring 1.4% at the moment, and Potsy in the UK rising by 1%. The Stokes 600 is up 1% as well.

Share of Universal Music Group continues to fly at almost 35%.

Shares of European airlines are climbing after the announcement from the US that it will ease restrictions on entry into the country for the vaccinated from the EU and UK, IAG is up 4% and Lufthansa is up 3.57%.

Shares of UK.based Kingfisher fell 5%, despite the company reporting a 61.6% increase in earnings for the first half of the year.


Trading on European stock exchanges is on a positive trend despite the great fears about the Evergrand influence. The Kak index in France jumps by 1.2%, the DAX in Germany rises by 0.98% and the British Potsey advances by 0.9%. The All.European Stokes 600 Index is up 0.77%.

Shares of Universal Music Group, Taylor Swift’s record company, soared 37% on its first day on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and hit a price of 25.1 euros per share. It is a music company owned by the French corporation Vondi, whose shares are down 17.2%.

In Asia, the Hong Kong Hong Kong Index closed slightly higher at 0.17%, erasing above 3% yesterday. Evergrand shares were down just 0.44%.

After last night’s red night, Wall Street indices are showing signs of recovery and rising 0.7%.


Towards a mixed close on the Asian stock markets, the Nikkei was down 2.17%, Topix was down 1.7% and the main index in Australia was up 0.35%. Trading in Hong Kong is still on a negative trend and is down 0.17%.

Shares of Chinese Evergrand in Hong Kong are down just 0.44% at this time.


Trading on the Asian stock markets returned to almost full order this morning after a holiday break and is on a negative trend. The Nikkei index in Japan fell 1.85% and the Hong Kong Hong Kong index, which crashed above 3% yesterday (Monday), shed 0.32% of its value. Trade in China and South Korea will not take place even today due to the holiday holidays. The Australian Central Index is up 0.16%.

Shares of Evergrand, the Chinese real estate company that on the previous trading day erased about 11% in the Hang Seng index and affected the negative cent in trading in all global markets, are down 3.5% today. The company is on the verge of insolvency due to huge debts of about 300 billion Dollars and at the end of August issued a profit warning.

Last night, Wall Street indices closed lower, with Dow Jones down 1.78%, the biggest drop since Oct. 28, 2020. The S&P 500 fell 1.7%, also at its worst daily performance in nearly 11 months. Nasdaq fell more than 2%.

Bitcoin continues to decline today and loses over 7%. The crypto currency now stands at $ 42,465.70.

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