The Fashion Week ‘lights up’ Milan, 10,000 people expected

The Milan fashion week, with the return of the fashion shows in presence, 43 on 65 and buyers and internationals who now, in part, can return to travel.

The signal that everyone wants to read is that of a return to normality. And looking at the hotel booking numbers in the city, this feeling finds its basis. Maurizio Naro, the president of Federalberghi of Milan tells the of a city in turmoil that has already had a “shock” with the Supersalone, at the beginning of the month, dedicated to design and which is now waiting for “about 10,000 people ”for the Milan Fashion Week Women’s Collection (scheduled from 21 to 27 September).

Important numbers but which when compared to those pre.pandemic give the measure of the road that still needs to be done: they are half compared to the golden times, when an army of “20 thousand“between buyers and professionals.

“Surely the hotels in the center – explains Naro – benefited from the Women’s Fashion Week, especially the five stars which are the main target for this type of clientele. And the city also has better occupations than in recent months. The start of the events it is raising employment to levels more suited to the operational management of hotels “.

The pre.Covid situation is still a long way off

But, he stresses, “we are still a lot far from the pre.pandemic situation of two years ago, when the occupation of hotels, throughout the month of September traveled around the’85 percent as a final average, with average prices that were 20 per cent higher than the current ones. The road to recovery is still long “.

Does the lack of arrivals from some countries weigh?

The whole Asian continent is missing. There are some Americans, but there are not many because there was still the problem of quarantine for those returning to the US “. So at the moment” for the 90 percent are Italian and European customers“.

Reservations change from day to day

For this Fashion week “hotel occupancy forecasts are around 60.70 percent“. However, there is an unknown factor to be taken into consideration, linked precisely to the virus.”We live ‘day by day‘because with the very flexible cancellation policies “the booking situation” changes almost overnight. So in one day they could increase by 10 percent because a block of requests arrives. ”

This means that the management for hoteliers has become complicated: “operationally everything has become very difficult” and not only because “there is still little staff” but precisely “because the reservations all arrive under date and it also becomes complicated to manage an influx immediate customer “.

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