Today, 5,900 dinars will be paid to the accounts of pensioners, disabled workers and users of temporary compensation with the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of Serbia, said the Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali.

“This is part of the third aid package to mitigate the consequences of the corona virus pandemic, another promise we are fulfilling today,” Mali told RTS.

For that purpose, 9.9 billion dinars will be paid from the budget today.

Mali reminded that during the 18 months of the pandemic, each pensioner was paid 59,000 dinars in aid.

“This help is really an indicator of our strength, our situation in public finances is very stable and we have money, we have shown how strong the state is, and we want to help those who are most endangered, they are certainly our oldest fellow citizens,” said Mali.

Commenting on the criticism of the financial aid to the citizens, the Minister emphasized that at this moment, Serbia has no need to borrow.

“At this moment, we have 257 billion dinars in our budget … Our public debt is 55.5 percent of GDP, below the Maastricht level of 60 percent, which is reserved for the EU,” said Mali.

He pointed out that the domestic economy “works much better” than planned, and that the money is used to help citizens.

Mali said that all adult citizens will receive another 30 euros in November, for which they do not need to apply again.

Assistance of 20 euros to adult citizens will be paid in December, and from November 15 to the end of that month, those who have in the meantime become adults and those who have not previously applied for assistance of 30 plus 30 euros will be able to apply for it.

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