Chadez: The Open Balkans has brought new trust between leaders in the region
Apart from relieving the economy and citizens, the regional initiative Open Balkans has brought new trust between the leaders of Serbia, Albania and Northern Macedonia, which is very important because we share the same problems, said today the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Marko Chadez.According to the PKS statement, he pointed out the great importance of the joint appearance at today’s summit in Brussels of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and the Prime Ministers of Albania and Northern Macedonia, Edi Rama and Dimitar Kovačevski.

“When we look at the EU’s attitude towards the region and the region towards the Union, we see that the problems of Belgrade, Tirana and Skopje do not differ much from Brussels. What is really important is that the EU sees the region in a new way. compared to what we have had in the past 30 years, “Chadez told RTS.

He reminded of the proposal of the business community of the entire region, not only the Open Balkans, and that is the path in several steps towards full membership, that the EU offer the region the European Economic Community, so that the economy and citizens enjoy four freedoms like Iceland and Norway.

As Austria, Sweden and Finland said, before full membership, they also joined the European Economic Community.

“This means that we have access to the single market, that our companies can do much more, have new jobs and be more competitive. We know that it is not easy, to discuss it in a community of 27 members, but one of the topics of the summit in Brussels is just an innovative way to expand, “Chadez added.

Speaking about the war in Ukraine and its impact on the global economy and the Serbian economy, the PKS president pointed out “that we are not isolated, but that the Serbian economy is holding up well, that quarterly data show that exports increased by 27%, mostly in the EU and imports , mostly energy, which is a sign that the Government of Serbia is preparing for the upcoming unstable period “.

According to him, alternative markets such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others are in demand for Serbian businessmen and companies.

According to Čadež, the situation in retail in Serbia is stable, there is enough food, flour, oil, sugar and all other foods, and “one should not expect any instability”.

“PKS monitors the demand in retail every day, the first blow has calmed down, the demand has stabilized, there is no need for stocks and the citizens are thinking whether there will be food,” Chadez said.

What can hardly be influenced is, as he said, the inflation that all economies are facing, and which is affected by the growth of energy on a global level.

“We are not an isolated island, all countries in the world are struggling with inflation. The price of credit is higher, but attempts to reduce inflation can lead to less dynamics in the economy,” said the president of the PKS.

Speaking about Belgrade’s candidacy for the specialized exhibition Expo 2027, he pointed out “that it would be a great opportunity for our capital and for Serbia to present itself as a regional hub and hub.”

According to him, the candidate for Expo 2027 will be decided next year, and obtaining the candidacy would mean large investments in domestic infrastructure, hotels and congress centers.

He pointed out that the signing of the Franchise Agreement between the French company Acor and the domestic Promont Group will enable further development of tourism in Serbia, small and medium enterprises related to the spa complex on Fruška Gora, but will be an additional trump card for Expo 2027.

By Editor