NBK offers a unique banking experience around the world

The National Bank of Kuwait is keen to provide a distinctive and exceptional banking experience to all its customers around the world, and in this context, NBK provides its customers with the best and most distinguished banking services in the bank’s branches located in many countries.

The National Bank of Kuwait has the largest banking network spanning 4 continents, and the bank’s global presence includes many international financial centers including: Geneva, London, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, in addition to its regional presence in Bahrain, Egypt, and Iraq. Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the UAE.

NBK is committed to providing a package of exceptional banking services to its priority banking customers in the countries in which it is located, where the largest financial centers and major destinations around the world, which have been designed to meet the needs of customers that have been carefully identified.

Real estate services are among the most prominent banking services offered to Priority Banking customers in NBK branches around the world, which include: searching for the right property in specific places, providing a list of the best specialized lawyers and real estate agents, paying attention to utility bills and utilities related to the property at the beginning of the purchase. Continuing thereafter, as well as covering the conditions and requirements for purchasing the property.

The Bank offers its Priority Banking customers access to real estate financing services in its branches located in many countries.

NBK also provides them with another set of services such as facilitating account opening and deposit services that give customers the opportunity to benefit from high interest rates in some countries where NBK is present, as well as cash withdrawals within the branches located in those countries.

Commenting on the provision of these services, the Director of Marketing for Customer Segments in the Personal Banking Group Ibrahim Al-Abdullah said: We are keen in NBK to be the closest to our customers, wherever they are inside the country or around the world, and to provide all what they need of different segments through a variety of real estate and banking services and provide Cash needed while traveling.

Al-Abdullah added: “The integration of our services and products to our customers is the most important pillar that enhances our banking leadership, in light of our customers’ access to all they need in terms of financing and distinguished services that meet their needs quickly and easily and suit their aspirations and diverse lifestyles.”

Al-Abdullah stressed that NBK gives its customers the opportunity to enjoy a global banking experience through the distinguished services that NBK provides to them, in light of the bank’s possession of the widest network of local and international branches, with more than 150 branches and subsidiaries covering 4 continents around the world, and spread in both the United States of America and Europe. Gulf countries, the Middle East, China and Singapore.

The National Bank of Kuwait offers a range of exceptional banking services to its Priority Banking customers, including obtaining a specialized customer relationship manager, as well as the best credit cards such as the NBK Visa Infinite Credit Card and the NBK Visa Infinite Credit Card (Oasis Club) Visa Infinite Credit Card, in addition to solutions Diversified investment, excellent concierge services and home banking service from NBK that includes delivering money to customers wherever they are.

The National Bank of Kuwait is also the only bank in Kuwait that provides banking services to the premium family.

By Editor