The House of Representatives in Washington approved the transfer of special assistance to Israel by a huge majority of 420 supporters, 9 opponents and two abstentions. Recall that it is a billion dollars intended for the re.equipping of the Iron Dome interception missiles and the purchase of additional batteries following the full depletion in Operation Wall Guard. The decision requires the approval of the Senate in which the majority is also guaranteed due to Republican support, and then the final signature of the president.

The special aid was brought in an expedited procedure now and separately from the other budget legislation, after a discussion in the middle of the week forced the leaders of the Democratic Party to remove it from another budget proposal due to opposition from progressive members of Congress who oppose security assistance to Israel. The separate vote of aid resulted in Republican support and sweeping approval.

Among the opponents was Member of Parliament Rashida Talib, who in her speech said, among other things, that aid to Israel means aid to the apartheid state, and that this aid should be directed to the Palestinians instead of Israel and break what the siege on the Gaza Strip called.

Israeli Ambassador to the United States Gilad Argan responded: “You know the truth but choose to ignore it. An Iron Dome protects Israel from Hamas war crimes, including firing rockets at civilians. The United States has recognized Hamas as a terrorist organization – your actions help protect terrorists From a democratic state. “

And in Israel, government representatives issue messages of thanks to the Americans. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett wrote: “Thank you to the members of the US House of Representatives, Democrats and Republicans alike, for their overwhelming support for Israel and their commitment to its security. Those who try to challenge this support, received a winning answer today. The people of Israel thank the American people and their representatives for their strong friendship. “

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz: “On behalf of the defense establishment, I would like to thank the US administration and members of Congress for approving Israel’s assistance with Iron Dome interceptors, as I concluded during my visit to the United States after Operation Wall Guard. Again the depth of the strategic and value alliance between the countries. Assistance is essential for the protection of Israeli citizens against terrorist organizations that shoot civilians indiscriminately, and also against other regional threats. “The approval of the decision tonight and the continued promotion of it in the Senate will strengthen Israel’s security and the stability of the region.”

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid: “The approval is further proof that accurate political work can bring results, even quickly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the leaders of both parties for their support of Israel’s security. Israel has no better society than the United States.”

It should be noted that this is the fulfillment of an obligation in the agreement – a security memorandum of understanding given by former US President Barack Obama to former Prime Minister Netanyahu in 2016. The Americans reaffirmed the commitment on Ganz’s visit to Washington in June and later President Biden again pledged to Prime Minister Bennett on a visit in August.

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