Kempower wants to grab a piece of the electric car charging market in the United States

Earlier this year, the company launched two new charging systems in the United States.

Finnish company Kempower wants to snag a piece of the growing U.S. electric car market. The Lahti-based manufacturer of electric car chargers aims to gain a share of the US market by the end of next year.

The previous target has been brought forward by two years. Back in November, the company said it aims to start doing business in the United States by the end of 2025.

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Kempower is part of the Kemppi Group, which manufactures welding equipment. Earlier this year, it launched two charging systems in the U.S. market.

“We see the U.S. electric car charging market still lagging behind Europe. However, the US market is forecast to grow rapidly. We want to be a part of this development, and we are moving forward resolutely now that the market is taking shape with subsidies from the US government to the electric car charging network, ”says Kempower’s CEO. Tomi Ristimäki in the bulletin.

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