STOCK EXCHANGE: In Helsinki for Midsummer in a fair decline – Kone and Neste in trouble

In Helsinki, the stock market closed during midsummer in a fair decline.

The OMXH general index on the Helsinki Stock Exchange fell by 2.9 per cent to 10,216 points.

Kone continued to decline as of yesterday, the company ended the decline on Thursday at 4.4 percent to 42.77 euros. Yesterday Goldman Sachs mixed Berenberg lowered their Machine recommendations.

The biggest gainer was the pharmaceutical company with a small turnover Herantis Pharmawhich rose by 4.6 per cent to EUR 1.95.

The biggest calculator was a fish farming company Fifax, which decreased by 10.6 per cent to EUR 0.90. The company said yesterday that a serious IHN death was found at the company’s circulating water plant.

Also In this ended up falling sharply by 7.2 per cent to EUR 41.53. Neste was also the most traded stock of the day. President of the United States Joe Biden said yesterday it plans to phase out a fuel tax to curb costs.

Provide fast charging equipment and solutions for electric vehicles Kempower said in an updated growth strategy that the company aims to start operations in the U.S. market by the end of next year. The company’s share rose 3.7 percent to EUR 12.56.

Inderes fell diamonds target price of € 13 from the previous € 14 and reiterated the reduction recommendation. On Wednesday, Raute issued new guidelines for 2022, according to which the company’s operating result will remain significantly negative and below last year’s level. The company’s A share fell 3.8 percent to EUR 11.45.

Cargoteciin audible MacGregor received an order for more than $ 15 million to supply RoRo equipment to four PCTC vessels. Cargotec’s share price fell by 8.3 percent to EUR 27.76.

Housing investment company Kojamo said it had agreed to a deal with the company’s subsidiary Lumo Kodit buys 942 rental apartments in growth centers in Finland From NRPEs. The company’s share fell 2.2 percent to EUR 16.77.

Elsewhere in Europe, stock markets were also declining.

By Editor