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Stability in the main dimensions on Wall Street with the close of trading: the Dow Jones was up 0.1%, the S&P 500 was up 0.15% and the Nasdaq was down 0.03%. Nike shares lost 6.26%.

The declines in Bitcoin continue and stand at about 5.3%.

Crude oil rose by 0.87%, Brent oil rose by 0.96% and gold fell by 0.17%.


The main dimensions on Wall Street are stable throughout the day: the Dow Jones is almost unchanged with a slight decrease of 0.01%, the S&P 500 with a slight increase of 0.03% and the Nasdaq decreases by 0.13%. %.

The declines in Bitcoin continue and stand at 5.3%.

Crude oil is up 1.21%, Brent oil is up 1.19% and gold is up 0.07%.


The declines on Wall Street are moderating: the Dow Jones is almost unchanged with a slight decrease of 0.01%, the S&P 500 is unchanged and the Nasdaq is down 0.29%.

Bitcoin continues to lose value and is down 4.45%.

Trading in Europe closed down: Dax was down 0.73%, Potsey was down 0.36%, Kak was down 0.95% and Eurostock 50 was down 0.88%.

Crude oil is up 0.74%, Brent oil is up 0.79% and gold is up 0.16%.


The declines continue on Wall Street, but more moderately: the Dow Jones is down 0.1%, the S&P 500 is down 0.13% and the Nasdaq is down 0.45%.

Nike shares continue to lose ground and are down 6.8% from the opening of Wall Street trading.

The decline in the value of Bitcoin is moderating and stands at 3.61%.

The declines in Europe continue: Dax is down 0.78%, Potsey is down 0.27%, Kak is down 0.94% and Eurostock is down 0.85%.

Crude oil is up 0.99%, Brent oil is up 0.7% and gold is down 0.4%.


Against the background of the declines in Europe and the declines in the value of bitcoin, Wall Street also opened with declines: the Dow Jones is down 0.31%, the S&P 500 is down 0.42% and the Nasdaq is down 0.61%.

Following the drop in forecasts, Nike shares are down 6.2% from the opening of trading on Wall Street.

Bitcoin is down 5.35% after the Chinese government announced this morning (Friday) that it is banning digital currency trading in the country.

The declines continue in Europe: Dax is down 0.73%, Potsey is down 0.33%, Kak is down 1.05% and Eurostock is down 0.88%.


The virtual currency market continues to decline with moderate exchange rates, amid a worsening of the Chinese government’s fight against crypto and the declaration that operations in cryptocurrencies are no longer legal in the country. Bitcoin is down about 5% and trades for just over $ 41,000 – a drop of about $ 3,000 since the morning hours. Heather drops 8.6 percent to below $ 2,800 per unit.

In Europe, too, the trend is negative, with declines in most bloc countries. In Frankfurt it still stands out for good Deutsche Bank Which is strengthening by 1%, in London Rolls Royce Jumps over 4% and the aviation group IAG Up 1.3%, in Paris stock Society General Increases by 1.2% andVivendi Climbs about 0.5%.

Footwear and sportswear company Nike Prominent in early trading on Wall Street with a decline of more than 4% after narrowing its revenue forecast for next year due to delays in the supply chain (mainly in Vietnam) and a shortage of manpower. The company expects a single.digit increase in sales in 2022, with the previous forecast expecting an increase of 10% or more.

The company’s revenues in the first fiscal quarter of 2022 did not meet analysts’ forecasts in the market and amounted to $ 12.2 billion, while the market expected revenues of close to $ 12.5 billion. In the earnings line, the company did exceed the forecasts (earnings per share of $ 1.16 compared to a forecast of $ 1.11 per share).

Pot Locker Decreases by 2.3%, Square – led by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey – loses 1.9%. Among Israeliness My size Cut by about 7%, IceCure Medical andNano Dimension Down 2.5%.


Stock market declines across Europe continue. The DAX index is down 0.7%, with significant declines toDeutsche Post , Deutsche Telekom , Infinion Technologies andAdidas , And the Kak index is down 0.9%, with among the stocks that are losing height can be noted the Louis Vuitton , Publicis Group , And Olia Environment andDanone .

Wall Street indices are signaling a negative opening this afternoon, with the Nasdaq down 0.4%, the S & P500 down 0.3% and the Dow Jones down 0.2%.

In the crypto market, declines are intensifying following the announcement by the Bank of China. Bitcoin weakened by 3.7% and traded for about $ 42.1 thousand. Heather and Ripple are already losing over 7%, DogeCoin is down 9%.


The Central Bank of China has ruled that all activities in the country’s cryptocurrencies are illegal. “Financial institutions and non.banking payment institutions cannot offer services for activities and activities related to virtual currencies,” the bank’s website said some time ago.

In the crypto market, there are slight price declines in response to the announcement. Bitcoin, which was traded earlier for about $ 44,000, fell to a level of $ 42.7 thousand. Heather is trading at about $ 2,880.


Trade in Asia closed on a mostly negative trend. The Shanghai Composite was down 0.8%, Shenzhen was down 0.2% and Hong Kong was down 1.5%.

The Evergrand Group ended the day with a sharp decline of 12%. Further declines were recorded at Shiomi, Alibaba, Bank of China and Hang Seng Bank.

In Europe, too, the screens are still red, with the Kak index weakening close to 1%, the DAX losing 0.8% and Potsy falling 0.4%. The indices in Amsterdam, Madrid, Stockholm, Zurich and Milan are also declining at this time.

Astraznica Continues to stand out in London although its rise has moderated, as well Rolls Royce Getting stronger. On the other hand, most banks and investment houses in the kingdom are losing ground. In Frankfurt Adidas Prominent with a decrease of 3.6%, and Siemens , BMW andVolkswagen Weakening.


European Trading Day opens with price declines. The Dax index in Frankfurt is down 0.7%, the French CAC index is down 0.6% and the Potassium index in London is down 0.3%.

Pharmaceutical company stock Astraznica Stands out in London with a 3% increase, a few days after it reported progress in its treatment for breast cancer. On the other hand, there are declines in the index for the aviation group IAG , Vodafone , Barclays andLloyds .

In Japan, trading closed this morning with a rise of more than 2% to the Nikkei index, in Taiwan the index strengthened by 1%. In China, there are now declines, with the Shanghai index down 0.8%, the Shenzhen losing 0.2% and the Hang Seng down 1.3%. The decline in Evergrand shares has deepened and now the company is losing about 12%.


Trading in Asia is moving in a mixed trend this morning, with the Nikkei in Tokyo soaring 2%, Shenzhen up 0.5% and the China 50 index climbing above 1%. Hong Kong is down 0.1% and Sydney is down 0.4%.

In Hong Kong, the Chinese Evergrand stock stands out again, losing over 7% this morning. Energy companies are also strengthening in light of rising oil prices, including petrochina which is up 1.8% and CNOOC which is up 2%.

In Tokyo, Mitsubishi Bank is concentrating investor interest and its share is climbing 3.8% in high trading volume. Kawasaki jumps above 8%, Softbank rises by almost 3%.

Also in contracts on the Wall Street indices the trend is mixed, after a positive close last night. Leading stock indices climbed 1% .1.5% at the close of trading. The yield on 10.year US government bonds jumped to 1.41% yesterday, and this morning it continues to strengthen and already stands at 1.44%.

In the oil sector, price increases were also recorded yesterday, and this morning the trend is still positive. WTI crude rose to $ 73.3 a barrel and Brent crude traded at $ 77.3 a barrel.

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