Carners, part of the MK Group, was awarded the Grand Champion Cup for top quality and a wide range of products at the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, winning eight Grand Gold Medals, 27 gold and silver medals and five Quality Champion ratings, it was announced today.
“The title of quality champion is especially important for us, because it is another important confirmation that we successfully follow our mission, and that is to always provide consumers with high quality products. It is also a confirmation that we respect and preserve the tradition of well.known brand quality. more than 60 years, which we are proud of “, said the executive director of the Carnex Meat Industry, Tamara Penjić, at the award ceremony at the Champions’ Dinner in Novi Sad.

Ratings The champion of quality was awarded to five groups of Carnex products: “special ham” with added water, in the group of canned meat in pieces, “veggie hummus chickpea spread with ajvar”, in the group of vegan products, “beef stew”, in the group of ready meals, “sausage delicacy” in the group of finely chopped boiled sausages, and “liver pate” in the group of liver sausages and pâtés.

In addition to these awards, eight Carnex products have been awarded the Grand Gold Medal “beans with bacon”, “beef stew”, “pea with pork”, “delicacy hot dog”, “Bavarian sausage”, “liver pate”, “veggie hummus spread from chickpeas with ajvar “and” special ham with added water “.

21 Carnex products won the gold medal, and six were awarded the Silver Medal.

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