In a special panel at the United Arab Emirates Global Investment Forum, led by the Jerusalem Post Group and the Halija Times Media Group, a group of Moroccan experts discussed the country’s unique benefits as an investment platform in the African continent.

The panel, moderated by L’Observateur du Maroc, editor-in-chief Muhammad Zinawi, included Munsif Aderkoy, director of financial research and forecasting at the Moroccan Ministry of Economy; Mahdi Tazi, Vice President of the General Confederation of Businesses in Morocco, and Steve Ohana, President of the Morocco-Israel Business Council.

Panelists explained that over the past two decades Morocco has launched many infrastructure and logistics development projects, strengthening the country‚Äôs position as a platform for manufacturing and trade for international investors seeking positioning in Africa. Moroccan businesses cover more than 70% of African countries in various strategic areas, not least by encouraging the country’s supreme authority, King Muhammad VI.

In addition, Morocco itself provides a suitable investment environment thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure, rapid industrialization, green energy development and free trade agreements signed with major economic powers, revealing Morocco’s increasingly strong willingness to play its role as a mainland growth lever. Between Europe and Africa.

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Steve Ohana added that Israeli entrepreneurs will find in Morocco an attractive area for investment due to the human capital in the country, which is a major competitive advantage. He noted that Morocco offers equal rights and opportunities to all its inhabitants. “The Abraham agreements were signed, but it does not matter much to us, because the relationship has always been so good that we have never felt any differences. The fact that there are close to a million Jews of Moroccan descent in Israel is a factor that should make our relationship very smooth and easy. Israelis who come to invest in the local economy. “

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