Thousands of petrol stations in the UK had no fuel today, and drivers formed long lines due to shortages caused by an insufficient number of truck drivers.

The Association of Gasoline Sellers, which represents nearly 5,500 independent outlets, said about two.thirds of its members reported selling fuel, and the rest said they would soon run out of gas.

Association President Brian Maderson said the shortages were “simply and simply, the result of a panicked purchase.”

“There’s a lot of fuel in this country, but it’s in the wrong place for drivers. It’s still at terminals and refineries,” Maderson said.

Long columns of vehicles formed at many gas stations over the weekend, and drivers became very nervous because they waited for hours.

Police were called today to a gas station in London, where a fight broke out, and arrested a man for the attack.

Representatives of the transport industry state that Great Britain is missing tens of thousands of truck drivers, and that it is a consequence of the so.called “perfect storm”, ie a combination of factors such as the corona virus pandemic, old labor and exodus of foreign workers after the British exit from the European Union.

Other countries, including the United States and Germany, are facing a shortage of truck drivers, but the problem is particularly visible in the UK, where it has contributed to empty store shelves and the closure of petrol stations.

After increasing pressure over the past weeks, the conservative British government announced yesterday that it would issue 5,000 three.month visas to truck drivers from abroad and another 5,500 visas to farm workers so that families would not be left without a party or toys for Christmas.

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