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After a full day of gains, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange closed steadily at the end with a tiny rise of 0.07%. Meanwhile, in Europe, gains continue, though in the UK they are moderating: while the DAX continues to rise 0.9%, and the CAC 0.6%, the Potsy rises only 0.28%: a drop from the opening, then rose 0.9%.


Europe opened up in the run.up to the German election: the DAX rose by about 1%, the Potsy by about 0.9%, and the CAC by about 0.65%. Rolls.Royce shares are up 4.15%.

In Asia, the Nikkei was down 0.03%, the Shanghai Composite was down 0.84% ​​and the Shenzhen Index was down 0.1%.


The Hong Kong Stock Exchange continues to rise, reaching 0.6%, while the declines in the Shanghai Stock Exchange have calmed down to 0.56%. Evergrand shares are currently up 5.93%.

Futures contracts on Wall Street at this time indicate an increase in the range of indices in the 0.5% .0.6% areas.


Mixed trend in Asian stock markets: The Nikkei maintains stability, and is currently trading at a minor decline of 0.05%, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on the other hand is up 0.34%, and the Chinese Stock Exchange is down sharply, with the Shanghai Stock Exchange falling 1.3% and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange down 0.55% .

Over the weekend, the crypto market stabilized slightly, and currently the Bitcoin currency stands at $ 44,000 – down from $ 46,000 it was last Monday, but rising from the sharp drop it recorded on Thursday that dropped it to $ 41,000.

Last Thursday, Wall Street closed in a steady trend, with the Dow Jones up 0.1%, the S&P 500 up 0.15% and the Nasdaq down 0.03%. In Europe trading closed down: Dax down 0.73%, Potsey down .0.36%, Kak was down 0.95% and Eurostock 50 was down 0.88%.

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