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Trading on the European stock markets is still on a negative trend, with declines of 1.3% for the DAX and 1.6% for the CAC. The pottery weakened by only 0.3%, mainly due to the energy giant BP Which enjoys a rally in the oil market and climbs 2.5% in high trading turnover.

While the US bond market continues to rise (with a 10.year bond yield of 1.53%), Wall Street indices are signaling that trading will open with declines. The Dow Jones contract is down 0.3%, the contract on the S&P 500 Sheds 0.8% and the contract on NASDAQ 100 loses 1.5%.

Among Israeli stocks, Inmode Loses 4.6% and also Stratiss , Tremor , Celebrity andMonday Record declines. On the other hand, Autonomous Jumps by 6.7%, Toxface Increases by 3.7%.

Pharmaceutical companies Pfizer And BioNTech today (Tuesday) submitted preliminary test data for the corona vaccine in children aged 5 to 11 to U.S. regulators, saying they will submit a formal application for emergency use approval in the coming weeks, according to a Reuters news agency report. The earliest.


The declines in the European stock markets are intensifying, and now the Dax index is losing 1.1%, the British Potsy is down 0.6% and the French CAC index is recording a relatively high decline of 1.8%. The pan.European Stokes 600 index is down 1.2%, led by tech companies, while energy companies are pulling up in parallel with rising oil prices.

In the commodities sector, price increases are rising, and Brent oil has already crossed the $ 80 barrel threshold. WTI oil trades at $ 76.2 a barrel.

In the crypto market there is a weakness when bitcoin falls by 4.5% to a level of $ 41.7 thousand per unit, ether is traded for $ 2,900 per unit. The entire market has lost 4% in the last day and now amounts to $ 1.8 trillion.


The markets in Asia have closed with a mixed trend. While the Heng Seng index strengthened by more than 1% and Shanghai rose by 0.5%, the index in Shenzhen dropped 0.2% and also in Taiwan, South Korea and India declined.

In Hong Kong, the energy company CNOOC stood out, enjoying the momentum in the oil market, and Petrochina also rose more than 2%. Alibaba jumped 6%, Evergrand 5%.

In the commodity market, the positive trend continues, with oil prices climbing due to, among other things, hurricane damage and damage to production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, in parallel with the continued decline in inventories in the US and the rise in demand for fuel.

Natural gas prices also continue to strengthen, and after rising above 10% yesterday, it is strengthening by another 6% and its price stands at $ 6.1 per unit. The market estimates that the increases are due to the termination of the gas contract for October and following the forecasts for a particularly cold winter in Europe.


Trading on European stock markets opened this morning with price declines. On the day after the German election results, the DAX index in Frankfurt shed about 0.7%, with a marked decline of 3.6% toInfinion Technologies . In France and the Netherlands, the decline is more significant at more than 1%.

In the crude oil market, gains have moderated, with a Brent oil contract rising 1% to $ 79.5 a barrel.

While Wall Street contracts have declined, yields on U.S. government bonds have soared by about 3 percent. The yield on a 10.year bond stands at 1.54 percent.


Trading in Tokyo closed lower, with the Nikkei down 0.2%. Weakness was also recorded in Sydney and the index lost almost 1.5%.

The increases in the oil market are increasing and stand at about 1.5%. Brent crude is $ 79.9 a barrel, and WTI is trading at $ 76.5 a barrel.


Asian stock market trading is on a mixed trend at this time, with the Nikkei down 0.3%, the Sydney down 1.3% and declines in Taiwan and South Korea as well. On the other hand, the Shanghai and China 50 indices are up 0.5% and Hong Kong is up 1.2%.

The futures contract on the Wall Street indices also has a mixed trend, with contracts on the Dow Jones rising almost 0.2%, contracts on the S&P 500 trading steadily and the contract on the Nasdaq weakening by 0.1%.

In the commodity market, there are increases at moderate rates, with both types of oil climbing about 0.8%. Brent crude is approaching $ 80 a barrel, and WTI is trading at $ 76.1 a barrel.

The crypto market is declining this morning at low rates, and now Bitcoin is trading around $ 42.6 thousand. Heather traded for $ 2,960, the ripple for 93 cents.

In its weekly review, Oppenheimer’s technical strategist Ari Wald reiterates the positive message about investing in the US stock market, despite uncertainty about China’s real estate market and implications for global financial markets. Once the S & P500 has reached the extreme “oversold” level since the outbreak of the corona crisis, a gradual calm can be seen in stock markets, while rising government bond yields while maintaining tight credit spreads. Only a matter of time, when high.beta stocks are, in his opinion, a particularly attractive investment opportunity, with the potential for an upward breakthrough in the near term.

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