Elbit reported two contracts totaling $ 768 million in Asia Pacific

The security company Elbit Systems announced within one day two significant contracts in Asia Pacific. This morning, the company reported to the stock exchange a contract worth $ 548 million for the supply of multidimensional network warfare capabilities to the country in the Asia-Pacific, after yesterday it reported a contract of $ 220 million for the supply of an air-guided precision armament solution.

The contract reported today is for a period of 4 years, and under it Elbit will provide solutions of various types that it produces: network software, a suite of aerial and land control, terrestrial and marine applications, and more. The program also includes joint development and knowledge transfer. The company notes that this comprehensive network combat solution is designed to improve operational efficiency, decision-making processes and the ability to conduct integrated operational activities across arms, platforms and systems. The company is already taking part in cyber warfare programs in other countries, including Israel, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

According to Elbit CEO Bezalel (Muddy) Machlis: “We are witnessing a growing recognition among armies around the world of the need for digitization and the ability to conduct integrated multidimensional operational activities, especially in light of the lessons learned from recent conflicts. This significant contract for the implementation of a network-wide network warfare program gives sub-validity to the leading positioning we have in the emerging areas of multidimensional ICT and cyber warfare. ”

As mentioned yesterday, the company announced a 15-year contract worth $ 220 million, also in Asia Pacific, under which it will provide Lizard kits for precise guidance for aerial warheads.

Elbit is traded on the Nasdaq and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange at a value of $ 9.7 billion.

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