Israel | The Knesset approves the creation of the “Don’t Call Me” database

The Economic Commission of the Knesset has approved regulations for the Consumer Protection Law, which provide for the creation of a database of residents of the country who are not interested in telephone marketing.

From November 2022, Israelis will be able to enter their phone numbers into the “Don’t Call Me” database, and from January 1, 2023, marketing calls or text messages to numbers contained in the database will be penalized by the state.

It will be possible to enter your number into the database by calling a special phone number, sending an online form or in another way, which will be published on the website of the Consumer Protection Authority.

Businesses and organizations will have to check that the addressee’s phone number is not in the database 15 days before the mailing/dial-up date. The fine for violation will be from 25 thousand shekels.

If the consumer has entered his number in the database, then the company with which he is associated with a long-term contract will only be able to contact him regarding the terms of the contract, but will not be able to send marketing information about other goods / services without the direct consent of the consumer.

The consumer will be able to give permission to receive mailings from a specific source. This permit is valid for one year and may be revoked by the consumer at any time.

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