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European stock markets continue to operate in a mixed trend, with slight increases in the Potsy and Kak indices and weaknesses in the DAX index.

In Germany, stock declines are recorded Volkswagen (2%-), BMW (1.7%-), Adidas (1% -) andDeutsche Bank (0.6% -). The weakening of car companies also trickled down to France, where Renault Loses 2.1%. In the UK, there was a significant drop in the stock American Airlines (2.3%) and the trading company Glencore (2.8%). On the other hand, increases toBritish Telecom, Rakit Bankizer andRolls Royce.

Digital currencies are trading down a few percent, with Bitcoin still trading for more than $ 40,000. Atherium, DogeCoin and Ripple are stable, relative to fluctuations to which the crypto market is accustomed.


Trade in Europe has moved to a mixed trend. Dax is down 0.3%, Potsey is up 0.2% and Kak is up 0.1%. The Stokes 600 is up 0.1%.

Heng Seng closed down 0.7%. Wall Street futures signal a mixed opening.


Trading on the European Stock Exchange opened this morning with gains. Potsey adds 0.4%, Kak climbs 0.3% and Dax rises 0.1%. Stokes 600 adds 0.3%.

Trading in Asia ended in a mixed trend. Shanghai fell 1.1% and Nikkei lost 0.5%, the Cosplay rose 0.6% and the ASX 200 added 0.1%. Heng Seng is currently trading down 0.7%.

The UK consumer price index rose 0.6% in May from a 0.3% rise expected. In annual terms, the index completed a jump of 2.1% while the expectation was for an increase of 1.8%.


The Japanese stock market closed lower, with the Nikkei down 0.5%. Declines in China continue, and the Shenzhen index is down 2.2%, while Shanghai is down 0.8%.

Wall Street futures are trading in a negative trend.


Leading Asian indices traded lower this morning. The Chinese Shenzhen index is down 2% and Shanghai is down 0.8%, pending the release of China’s unemployment and industrial production data. The Japanese Nikkei is down 0.4%, the Cosfi is up 0.6%, Sydney is up 0.1%.

In China, the mining company Zijin loses 4.5% in high trading turnover, and the Chinese aluminum corporation also weakens at a similar rate. Hainan Airlines Decreases 2.2%.

WTI crude rose 1.8 percent, or $ 1.24, to close at $ 72.12 a barrel last night. Gold weakened 0.5 percent and a contract for delivery in August closed at $ 1,856.4 an ounce, down $ 9.5.

The crypto market is operating with slight price declines. GodBitcoin, Which rose 22% in the past week and returned to a level of over $ 40,000 per unit, traded relatively stable, while etherium weakened 3.8% to a level of $ 2,500 per unit, the dogecoin with a similar decline trading around 31 cents.

At 9 a.m. (Israel time), the annual consumer price index will be published in England, and at noon, wage data will be published in the evening bloc. At 21:00 (Israel time), the US Federal Reserve will publish (Federal ReserveThe interest rate decision. Currently, Wall Street indices are trading in a mixed trend, with a slight decline to the Dow Jones.

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