The British government today started using its tanks in the reserve to deliver fuel to empty gas stations across the country, in order to alleviate the crisis caused by the shortage of truck drivers.

Those tanks are driven by civilians, and members of the British army will start driving tanks in the coming days in order to overcome the problem with fuel delivery.

The government announced this at a time when representatives of the oil industry stated that the crisis was diminishing.

Many petrol stations in the UK have run out of fuel in the past five days, due to a panicked petrol purchase.

Long columns of vehicles were formed at the working pumps, which led to the blockade of certain roads and traffic chaos.

The government insists that there is enough gasoline in the country and blames the problem on the behavior of customers, claiming that they bought fuel that they do not need.

Britain is missing 100,000 truck drivers, which is a consequence of the so.called “perfect storm”, ie a combination of factors such as the corona virus pandemic, the old workforce and the exodus of foreign workers after the British exit from the European Union.

Immigration regulations after Brexit stipulate that citizens of EU member states can no longer live and work in Great Britain without a visa, which they could do while that country was a member of the Union.

Other countries, including the United States and Germany, are facing a shortage of truck drivers, but the problem is particularly visible in the UK, where it has contributed to empty store shelves and the closure of petrol stations.

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