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Trade in China and Hong Kong is locked in a mixed trend. The Shanghai Composite was up 0.9%, the Shenzhen was up 1.6% and the Hang Seng was down 0.7%. The declines in Hong Kong were led by Shiomi, which lost 2.9%, Ping, which fell 2.3% and Alibaba, which lost 4.1%.

In Europe trade is still on a positive trend. The Dax index is trading steadily, Potsey is up 0.5% and Kak is up 0.4%.

Futures on Wall Street signal that trading will open in the afternoon with price increases. At the same time, in the US bond segment, there are slight declines and the yield on the 10.year bond drops to 1.52%.

In the commodity market trading is still volatile and now oil is trading up slightly. In the crypto market, the gains have moderated, and Bitcoin is trading below $ 43,000. Heather also weakened and fell below the $ 3,000 threshold.


Trading in Europe opened in a positive trend, with the Dax index trading up slightly while Potsey and Kak up 0.3% .0.4%.

After fluctuations towards the end of the trading day, the Nikkei closed down 0.3% – mainly due to sharp declines in the Tokyo, Kawasaki, extraction and nipple power companies. Mitsubishi Bank fell 2%, Toyota 3.5%.

The index in Hong Kong is down 0.7%, partly due to declines of Shiomi, which is down 3%, Ping is down 2.7% and Alibaba is down 4%. On the other hand, the Shanghai index rose by 0.9% and the Shenzhen by 1.6%.

In the oil market the trading fluctuated this morning and ranged from slight declines to increases. WTI oil is currently trading steadily at $ 74.8 a barrel, Brent oil has weakened slightly and is trading at $ 78 a barrel.


Perrigo The Dual ends the tax assessment saga in Ireland, which has clouded trading in its stock in recent years. The company announced today that it will pay 297 million euros to the tax authorities in Ireland – while the original amount spent in 2018 was 1.6 billion euros. The company will not be required to pay fines or interest.


In Asia, there is a mixed trend this morning, while while the Hang Seng index is down 1%, the Shanghai index is up 0.3%, Shenzhen is up 1.4% and Sydney is up 1.5%.

The Nikkei in Japan rose 0.1% despite sharp declines in the Tokyo, Kawasaki and Mitsui power companies. Mitsubishi Bank, Toyota, Nippon and Z Holdings are also losing ground. In Hong Kong, there are high declines for Shiomi and Alibaba, which are losing 2.9% and 4.3% respectively, and energy companies are also retreating slightly.

Wall Street futures are trading up 0.5% .0.7%. Last night, trading in New York closed in a mixed trend, with the NASDAQ shed 0.2% after a volatile day ranging from declines to gains, while the S&P 500 and Dow Jones strengthened slightly.

The crypto market is rising, and Bitcoin is trading at $ 43.5 thousand. Ether also strengthens 4% and crosses the $ 3,000 threshold again, the Binance Coin jumps 12% to $ 383 per unit.

In the commodity market the trend is mixed. Crude oil prices are down 0.2% while gold is up slightly and trading at $ 1,731 an ounce.

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