The reconciliation of the strikers and Fiat with the mediation of the state mediator failed

Negotiations between the strikers of Fiat Plastic and the employer, with the mediation of the state mediator, have definitely failed and there will be no more meetings, and the strike continues, the Strike Committee told the Beta agency.

The president of the Strike Committee, Zoran Miljković, said that the state conciliator informed them today that she had held a meeting with the representatives of Fiat.

It was the third round of negotiations that was held separately, earlier with the strikers, and today with the employer.

“Fiat is not ready for concessions, but has repeated its offer, which we have previously assessed as arrogant and rude,” said Miljković.

He explained that Fiat again offered to sign the Collective Agreement, which abolishes the right to strike and reduces recourse, which is why the workers went on a general strike at the end of February.

“As we have been informed, they said that only when we accept that will they consider the possible return of machines that were illegally moved from our factory to another company during the strike. For us, returning machines was a ‘condition of all conditions’ and a topic we did not want. to negotiate, we have already demanded that from the employer “, said Miljković.

He assessed that Fiat did not show the will to make concessions to the strikers in order to reach an agreement, although, as he states, the Strike Committee has already “made concessions” during the conciliation procedure.

“We previously presented them with our solutions regarding the manner of payment of recourses as well as regarding the Collective Agreement, but now it is clear that Fiat was not ready to make concessions,” said Miljković.

He added that it was not clear to him why Fiat accepted the conciliation with the mediation of the state Agency for the peaceful resolution of labor disputes, since he remained with all his previous positions.

“Once again, we call on the Minister of Labor, Darija Kisić Tepavčević, to send an inspection to the Fiat Plastic factory and order the employer to return the machines to our factory, as well as to return a group of workers, who were sent on forced leave, to work,” he said. Miljkovic.

He said that, if the minister does not do that, the strikers will start a “campaign against state bodies, because they are trampling on workers’ rights.”

Miljković said that the strike in Fiat Plastic continues when the workers return to work after paid leave, which, until October 4, also includes employees of the sister company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia.

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