The Banker KFH Best Islamic Bank in Kuwait for the year
  • Al-Rushoud: The Bank’s advanced services simulate innovation in the global financial industry
  • Smart banking enhances KFH’s uniqueness with the latest innovative banking solutions

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) announced that it has won the award for the best Islamic bank in Kuwait for the year 2022 from “The Banker” magazine, which is the most prestigious and leading banking magazine in the world issued by the International Financial Times Group.

When awarding KFH this prestigious award, the magazine’s jury relied on a precise and strict methodology that included criteria, including the bank’s commitment to technological innovation through advanced digital banking services provided by the bank to its customers, such as instant transfer to KFH Turkey using the Ripplenet network, in addition to other services such as Buy gold bars, KFH Pay service, and automate foreign exchange operations online.

The jury also praised the strong profitability achieved by “KFH” in 2021, and “The Banker” considered that the bank succeeded in overcoming the challenges of closure due to the pandemic, and this success was another factor that distinguished “KFH” from its competitors.

innovative services

Commenting on the awards, the commissioned CEO of KFH Group, Abdulwahab Al-Rashoud said that the award of “Best Islamic Bank in Kuwait for 2022” won by KFH testifies to the efficiency of its performance and its superiority in providing innovative services of high quality through an advanced digital infrastructure on the one hand. In addition to being an appreciation for the success of the digital transformation strategy in which KFH has made important strides.

He stressed that KFH is keen to provide the best advanced banking solutions, pointing out that the bank’s electronic services are witnessing a great development that mimics innovation in the global financial industry by offering a range of innovative digital banking solutions.

He added that KFH is full of strong and diversified activities, investment and banking services that are compliant with Sharia, and that adopt the latest technologies and international financial standards.

He pointed out that KFH has made qualitative leaps in the speed of implementing the digital transformation strategy, by adopting the latest financial technology innovations, as well as occupying a leading position in the sukuk market and Islamic financial services.

Al-Rashoud emphasized that the appreciation of the prestigious international bodies for the achievements of KFH would not have been achieved without the confidence of the bank’s shareholders and customers, in addition to the dedicated efforts and efficiency of its cadres, which has always distinguished KFH and established its name and its leading position at the local and global levels.

He explained that KFH reinforces its approach in the policy of integrating innovative solutions and banking technology into operational processes, launching digital transformation initiatives and rearranging products and services in line with the needs and nature of the main operational sectors, with an emphasis on moving forward to transform into the best digital bank in Kuwait and the region, both in Interactive systems and software, robot technologies, and artificial intelligence that it uses or services it provides to customers, which contribute to adding a distinct value to the experience of customers who are looking for fast and easy banking services.

smart banking

Al-Rashoud said that smart banking has enhanced KFH’s uniqueness with distinguished banking solutions, referring to the smart branches KFH Go, which KFH was a pioneer in providing it at the market level, and contributed to meeting the growing needs of customers and keeping pace with the latest modern technologies and the highest quality standards, adding value to the experience of customers who Looking forward to quick and easy banking services.

He added that the Bank succeeded in promoting digital banking channels, whether through KFHGo, the KFHonline mobile application, robot technologies, artificial intelligence or other alternative channels to traditional banking channels.

He explained that KFH provides XTM devices and KFHGo smart branches in various governorates of Kuwait, including Kuwait International Airport. These branches allow customers to benefit from a variety of interactive banking services, including instant checkbook printing, instant printing of bank cards without prior request, and receiving bars. Gold (10 fines), opening an account (gold, savings, winner, automated service), buying and selling gold, printing IBAN certificate, requesting “Murabaha” commercial transactions, requesting credit and prepaid cards, updating data and phone number, activating bank cards, opening deposits and accounts And many other financial and banking services, as well as allowing the use of smart watches to obtain ATM services.

It is worth noting that The Banker magazine’s jury awards awards after evaluating the strong financial resources of the institutions and answering their questions. Candidates must provide evidence of their most prominent customer-focused innovations that are of interest to the magazine’s readers and show evidence of continuous improvement of the Bank’s operating strategy in line with Adopt current trends.

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